World Book Night 2013

Yes, once again I was able to share in this great program.  As an avid reader I want to share books with you.  And World Book Night does too.  So every year (today) they pair up with thousands of people to pass out books.  

This year I picked John Green's Looking for Alaska.  It is one of JD's Nerd Fighter favorites.  So I knew it would be a great one for the young adults.  

You get to pick from a long list of books the title you wish to share.  Then you receive a box of 20 books to share.

We shared with our high school library so the students could enjoy Looking for Alaska.  As a matter of fact Ms. Johnson joined in also and shared Still Alice by Lisa Genova with many readers.  Whoot!  Way to go.

We also shared with our local public library both books.  Now everyone in town has a chance to read each of these books.

JD (on the left) threw up her Nerd Fighter signs when she shared with Courtney. You know girls share the best of their hearts with each other.  JD just knew this would be one that her friend Courtney would want to have.  Enjoy!

You have heard of double your pleasure, double your fun!  Well these two from the college theater department made sure they would get to do just that.  Girls you make sure you do your studies too!  

This professor (theater) wanted to know why she had not heard of World Book Night.  Well now she has and of course we shared with her too.

The college library has a Share shelf for students on campus.  We knew that some of John's books should be there for them to grab up.  Thanks for having a reading corner that provides a way to share the love of reading with each other.

They even have a contest going on for Twitstagram!  Of course we joined in and tweeted our love for #WBN2013 as well as @RealJohnGreen.  

Join in next year if you can!  It is always rewarding to share.

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