Jelly Beans and Fairy Dust

Loving having the Grandbabes here.  You know that!

Today's photo treat is all about magical planting.

Did you know that if you planted JELLY BEANS they would grow?  Landon was not too sure about not eating them instead.

Yeah, just like these here.  I don't think TK believes us.

But just poke them down into the dirt.

Really far down!

And add a lil bit of 'fairy dust'.  TK is sprinkling it on hers now.

Then make sure to water them.

We all know plants need water and sun to grow.

And wait for 24 hours.  (Yes, the 'fairy dust' is what makes them grow so very quickly.) 

Wow, look at that!  Two lolly pops grew up from those jelly beans.

I am not too sure TK believes this is real.

But that is okay.  Landon is happy to pick his magical treat to eat!

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