It's A Movie Date

It is Movie Day!  This is one of my favorite things to do.  A day to kick back, eat popcorn and snacks, and watch videos.  A totally chill out time.  You know I go and go and go all the time so this really is a treat for me.  So what is our choices this month?

First is Pound Puppies-Mission:Adoption for Princess Emma.  She loves these pups ever so much.  We had to make sure that we put the disc in the computer to get her printable adoption certificate for her pound puppies at home.  Shout Factory Kids was ever so sweet to send us this DVD to review.  Princess Emma did watch all 5 shows on the disc.  But she did not sit still.  I never thought she would.  No, she danced, twirled, talked to the dogs and played the piano for them.  She also learned their motto.  "Find a pup for every person and a person for every pup."

Our second DVD is for Landon.  Now he is not here so Dear Hubby was his stand
in.  Not to hard to do since he is a die hard  Iron Man fan.  Gaiam Vivendi sent us Iron Man Armored Adventures, Season 2 Volume 4 to view.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  Of course as you know no money changed hands.  Oh this gets old but I have to state it every time.  With 6 episodes to watch, Dear Hubby was glued to the set.  I love that I could follow the show so well and know what was going on.  Normally I have a hard time doing that with the animated comics.  I think Iron Man is doing a wonderful job of laying out a direct story line.

Now the third one I picked for me.  Here is my beautiful relaxing show.  Planet Ocean from Universal.  Here is the same drill.  Yes this was sent to me for review, no I was not paid.  The nature films are my favorites for a day to chill out.  And there is such beautiful cinematography.  But this DVD is also geared to education.  They really want to hit home on saving the earth.  How we can make sustainable changes that will help change what is happening in our oceans.  I agree that we should do this.  And hearing it is important.  But how many times should you hear it on the same show?  I do say they stressed the point well!

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