Eye Spy With My Eye-Hole

I am forever and I mean forever leaving my glasses everywhere.  I have them on my desk, the microwave and coffee table.  Sometimes they are on my head.  Other times they are tucked behind this or that.  The glasses search is a constant around here.  

You see the issue is I need them to see out there.  Yeah, like the TV or to drive and such.  Walking around in the yard is good to do with my glasses on.  But to read, use the computer, cook, eat...honestly to eat, I have to take them off.  Thus they get left everywhere.  It is so bad that I really have three pair of glasses.

I should not be looking for them any more though.  And I can look like the styling Nonnie I am and not like some lil ol lady from Podunk Texas.  Eye-Hole sent me three (remember I have three pair) of their wonderful adjustable eyeglass necklaces to review for them.  I am so glad for they are just what I need too.  They have 15 styles and are popular with men and women. The Eye-Hole makes a great gift because it is stylish, useful and it retails for 25.00. 

One to match each pair of glasses I have.  Don't they look cute.  Wait, your trying to figure it out.  Awe it's easy.  Look.

Here is The Thompson with the pink jeweled bead to match my pink frames.  You can pick the color of jewels you want to razzle dazzle everyone too!

I love the sophistication of The Bleecker for my serious look.  That lil gold mesh bead is perfect to set off my fiery personality.  

And last by not at all least is The Orchard with a purple drop to top the tortoise shell ring for my everyday look.  Perfect as can be.  Check out more over at the EyeBlog.  They have it rocking with the Eye-Hole too!

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