CSftS: Raising Kids on the Spectrum

What do you know about Autism?  How about Asperger's?  Me?  Not a whole lot.  I understand Asperger's pretty well as JD seems to fit the profile.  It is not something we can fix.  More of something we can become aware of and then find ways to work with it.  But Autism seems to be pretty scary to deal with.  It is something that has to be addressed almost every waking moment.  And that has to be exhausting.

My niece has a son that is Autistic.  He is a beautiful blond headed boy that has bright eyes and a quiet smile.  From what I can see she works ever so hard to make sure he has the best therapy possible.  I am so proud of her for that.  She has educated herself to make sure she is the best parent she can be for her son.  So I made sure to pick this Chicken Soup for the Soul book when we signed up this year.  Yes I am a Soup-er Blogger and I am holding Raising Kids on the Spectrum right now.  It holds 101 stories from and for parents of children with autism and asperger's.  There are so many stories of love and strength inside of this book.

I hope that my niece sees this post.  And responds in the comments below that she would like to have it.  For you see I do not have an address to mail it to her.  Oh, she can also contact me on Facebook if she wishes too!

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