Swept Away

I love living in Texas.  I think it is so very beautiful here.  So it is no surprise that I choose books based here in Texas to read.  The latest being by a repeat author for me.

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Swept Away by Mary Connealy is both a well told story but also one that had me removed from my life here.   I was truly Swept Away!  With the majority of the story taking place in the Palo Duro Canyons of Texas, Mary describes the ribboned red walls that tower above the skies like quiet sentries watching as people have come and gone for centuries.

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Our main characters Ruth and Luke both have that rawbone strength so many of our settlers used to carry through thick and thin.  Teaming up with friends they stand against the ruthless snake that has stolen Lukes homestead by killing his father and forging documents.  Using the code of the west that no cruel deed goes unnoticed they make sure to save a battered wife and her children from this man as well as level the field in a showdown.  Right wins over wrong as it should.

Thanks to the Litfuse Chicks for sharing this book with me for review.

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