Spring Sprung

Happy Easter everyone!  What a beautiful day today has been.  Lovely weather in  the mid 80's.  And since we have no kiddos here to celebrate with we took to the yard to start getting things going for Granny M's garden.

Dear Hubby, Big Bubba and I cleared out the all of the old flower beds that have been unattended.  They were filled with silk flowers so we would have color in front.  We also cleared out the flower pots that were full of dirt.  I rearranged the front porch and took all of Granny M's plants back outside.  We always bring them in for the winter.

Also we cleaned out some large containers to plant in.  Granny M decided we should have our veggie garden in containers to help with weeding this year.  Loving this idea.  Taking up the flower beds for veggies instead.  We popped out and bought a bunch of starter plants to put in also.

So halfway there.  Still quite a bit of work to do to have it up and running but I am happy with our progress.  Sadly my knees are now swollen all up and killing me.  Dear Hubby used up all of his energy and Big Bubba had to crash for a nap.  Gosh age is getting to us all!

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