Spring is in the Air!

What do you see here?  Weeds in front of a trailer home?  That is what most would say.  Not me.....I see a field of wishes.  Don't you think that each of those dandelions is just waiting for a lil one to pick it, make a wish and blow?

Here is one of our sweet doggies pretending to be a kitty.  Well, gosh why not?  She is honestly so darling with us.  Always loving as can be.  I do not know what we would do without her here to guard the doors at night.  Yeppers, she sleeps in front of the door to keep us safe!

Oh and look at what Libman came up with!  Yes, a sponge that hangs on your faucet.  Now no more messy sponge or puddle of water as it drys.  I love it!  Also did you know that Libman is a Made in the U.S.A. product?  See!  Right down there in the right hand corner.  Makes me happy to know I choose the product that chooses to support us at home.

What else?  Oh they also come in different coatings for the job you have.  Be it light, medium or heavy.  Choose a multi pack or one that is antibacterial too.  The yellow one I have at my sink is light duty.  Just right for washing up the dishes.  I have a medium one for cleaning the stove top.  But the extra large heavy duty sponge has been used to scrub the grill after we had a weekend cookout.  I love this because I am not making a mess out of the sponge I wash dishes with.  Makes it so much easier to have the right sponge for each job.

Libman was kind enough to send me a set to test out.  I am loving it with Spring cleaning hitting me.  Is it hitting  you too?  I thought so.  Seems that with the fresh air we want to make the house feel like Spring too.  Beginning on April 1, 2013, consumers will have the chance to win a variety of Libman products during the Libman April Giveaway Sweepstakes that will be hosted on their Facebook page.  For the entire month of April, Libman will give away 1,100 products every day!  Visit https://www.facebook.com/libmancompany on April 1 for details on how to win. Products featured in the giveaway include: the two new hardwood and multi-surface concentrated cleaners, Freedom spray mops and microfiber cleaning pads.

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