Dear Hubby is having his open heart surgery today. He made sure to be all spiffed up for this. Actually went to the hospital in his PJs as we knew he would be losing them in no time at all. You know how it is, they just love those pretty gowns that have great ventilation in them. We could not sleep last night but it was in no way due to the accommodations. For not only was the bed nice and comfy but the staff was so kind to us.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We stayed with Dear Hubby's brother at the Hampton Inn. We had a nice dinner out and then came to the room to bunk down. They were so kind to bring up an extra 3 pillows because Dear Hubby can not lay flat to rest right now. His breathing is not too good yet. But we feel with the surgery today things will be looking up for him really soon. I love the lil name plates for each room number. I was looking at all the different ones as we traversed the hall. Here is our home away from home while Dear Hubby is in the hospital.
Sometime during the night the staff was so kind as to slip a lil note under our door. We found it this morning when we woke at 3:30 a.m. Hey I noticed that they care to send the very best too, Hallmark! But look at the note that was so sweetly penned for us. Now this is something I have not come across before so it touched me. With as stressful as it is and going to continue being this next week, I am thankful we are staying with a caring staff.

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  1. I thought you said he was all spliffed up for a moment. That's surely not a good idea before a surgical procedure.

    1. S P I F F E D as in looking snazzy or good. I was making fun of his Pajamas for his attire. I had to look up spliffed...had never heard of it. WOWZERS!


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