Necture of the South

I want it to be summer.  I want it to be warm once again.  I want to sit on my front porch drinking ice tea and listen to the birds sing.  I want to feel that amazing feeling of loving everyday life again.

I love that most of the time I can grab the joy of life.  That those golden moments shine for me.  Weather it be the warmth of the sun while I hang clothes on the line (yes I love the Texas sun!) or listening to the kids shout and laugh as they chase glow in the dark bubbles at night.  I love to wear bright colors especially pink and have bright red hair.  And more than anything I love to see that shine in Dear Hubby's eyes while he is telling a tall tale with the grill smoking in the background.

Denise Hildreth Jones knows all of this about me.  She knows I am large and in charge.  She understands I am still growing and seeking God in my life.  And most of all she knows that all of this brassy bawdy lifestyle hides the venerable feelings I have inside.  How do I know this?  Because she put the very essence of who I am in her latest book Secrets over Sweet Tea.  I bet if you read it you will find some of yourself in there.  Are you trying to be perfect yet falling apart doing so?  How about pleasing everyone but yourself?  Do you cheat on yourself and lie to yourself that your really in charge?  Or better yet are you the friend that pulls others up by their boot straps or better yet their taste buds?  Are you the leader, follower, secret keeper or heart tender.  Everyone of us are there with our secrets we keep and learn to let go.   This is the quintessential southern ladies book too.  From the slap your momma silly to the feed the soul with scones that we are taught.  Humor and love brings it all together in a resounding clash of ice in the mason jar while sweet tea over flows the rim.

Thanks ever so to Tyndale for sharing with me.  And Denise I don't know how you followed me around but gosh gal your good!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review.

    BTW-I am holding 5 book giveaways at my site this week if you are interested in stopping over. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Diane :O)


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