Jane Knows Best

I told you before about Jane Porter and her book The Good Woman.  Oh how it touched me deep inside  So when The Good Daughter by Jane Porter popped up in my mail box I was tickled pink (of course).  Oh my, it was like going home.  And I needed that comfort with the stressful week I have been having.  So back to the Brennan Sisters and rolling with the punches.  Wait....no fighting.  Nope not this time.

Instead Kit Brennan is trying very hard to be a good daughter.  Heck she has tried to be the good teacher, good girl friend, good best friend and even the good sister.  Kit has tried to be so good for so long that she is about to blow her cool.  But the time to blow is not now for Mom is losing her battle.  Someone needs to be able to keep it all together and that has always been Kit.  What is going to happen when it becomes way too much for one person to handle?  I hope I learn the secret to doing it right from Kit and the Brennan clan.

Oh how I know this struggle.  It seems to have me written all over it.  The peace maker.  The one who cleans up after everyone.  The nice one.  The responsible one.  I try to take good care of Granny M.  Being both a loving daughter yet still taking charge of all of the duties of the household.  I am also the wife to a very ill Dear Hubby who is having open heart surgery next week!  Top it off with mom to JD who is out of the home yet still close enough to need the helping hand every now and then.  And let's add in a good sister for my eldest brother will be moving in with us while I am at the hospital with Dear Hubby during his recovery.  Yeah, one day I may not be able to hold it together either.

Thanks so o Erin and the Penguin Group for sharing with me.  I love you!  Please do not let me miss out on any of this series for I am not only loving it....I enjoy the respite when I get to visit with the family.

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