Day 1 of 2013

2013.  Time to get use to a new year.  Gosh in this year I will turn 50.  So much has changed since 1963 when I started.  Now of course I can not remember those very early years.  But I do see so many things that at one time I would have never thought of.

Who would have thought that the Star Trek Communicator would come about.  That was out of this world of idea.  Not any more!  Just an old style flip phone right?  Cell phone, wow that was not a thought even.

When I was in high school we  had the very first computer lab in our area.  Three beautiful shiny computers were there to be used by our computer club and the classes that was advanced in office technology.  Gosh what would they think if someone pulled out an tablet from today.  Such speed lil on the ideas of what we can do with all that is within.  And Skype was a pipe dream to us.

I also used to baby sit for the 'rich side of town'.  It not only made me the cash I needed for school and such.  But I got to play on their Magnavox Odyssey.  It was the first home video game system.  Later on we moved on to the much faster Pong.  Yes at the speed of a snail you could play a very slow version of table tennis.  Now I have a Wii that my Grandbabe loves to play "Fight the Kids" aka Wii Sports Resort.  He bounces around on his super sonic knees while I am amazed at the score he racks up as he flails his arms around in the air.  I wonder if I should go back to Pong.

With these items in mind I wonder what will come to being in 2013.  Heck 2001 was suppose to be the Space Odyssey according to the movies I grew up with in 1968.

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