My Deepest Love

A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...
I love Bacon.

Dear Hubby loves Bacon too.

So don't be surprised that I found the following ideas for gifts.

  • Bacon Shaving Cream Who knew so many people wanted to combine breakfast with their morning shave? 
  • Stop and Smell the Bacon with Bacon Roses and Bacon Stickers! Combine them with Bacon Shaving Cream in the Bacon Aroma Collection.  
  • Bacon Lip Balm makes a great stocking stuffer! 
  • Bacon Salt and Maple caffeinated energy waffle with Wired Waffles. That's almost too much incredible in one product!
  • How about the Bacon Coffin.  Serious enough love for bacon that you can take it to the grave!
  • Watch out you can now make 'everything' taste like Bacon!  Oooops!

  • I did not get anything, do anything or have anything promised to me for this post.  It is just because I really do love bacon!

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