In the Stillness of a Day

Evening folks.  I have to say today has been one that has felt rather thoughtful.  I am unsure weather it is due to my yearly remembrance of Pearl Harbor day.  Or if it is due to the quiet slow pace of the day.  Maybe from the depth of discovery I have found while reading The Keeper of the Diary.  How about a combination of all three?

US Navy 101207-N-5476H-052 Art Herriford, righ...
US Navy 101207-N-5476H-052 Art Herriford, right, president of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, salutes as Sailors aboard the guided-missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Granny M has had a pearl pin from the first anniversary of Pearl Harbor day her whole life.  She passed it on to JD about the time she graduated from high school.  Dear Hubby and his parents are all Navy veterans.  From this combination, this day makes us all step back and see just how important it is to have the men and women who stand up for us on foreign soil.  We pray for them daily and pray tribute every chance we get.

Today has also been one of those where the wind is not really moving around.  It is not hot nor cool.  But where the air just seems quiet.  With the doors open that stillness has entered inside too.  It is a noticeable feeling of respect.  Do  you think nature is also taking time out to pay tribute?

So with all of this I have found time to curl up with my latest read.  Judith Diana Winston is not only an author but a world traveler and photographer.  She has been in the shadow of many of the natural wonders of the world feeling the presence of greatness.  This has led her to write The Keeper of the Diary where the main character, Cassie, follows many of the same steps Judith has taken.  From there the story is born into a world wide mystery.  I am finding myself not only learning of different sites but also falling deeper and deeper into the mystery.  I can not wait for each moment I get to crawl back into my book.  This one is an epic story line.  One that will take time for me to finish but at the same time takes me on an amazing journey within the pages.

Do you love the way books can do that or a wonderful movie?  Life of Pi did the same thing this last week.  Amazing to be in a life that is created by others.  I thank Judith Winston for sharing her novel with me.  I feel blessed.

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