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I thought today being the weird this and that here at home.  I should be able to do the same here.  So this is a lil of this and some of that for you to catch up on.

#1  I am trying so hard to get so many task taken care of around here.  It seems taking care of me has been not only on the back burner...I think I baked it to death.  Cold weather and my skin is drying all up and flaking off.  I heard about the Natural Skin Shop on SheBlogs.  They have the 18 Actives Dynamic Eye Pack.  It includes the eye essence and the faux filler.  The EYE ESSENCE treats, prevents, diminishes, refreshes and energizes the eye area. Eye essence is a full circle product to keep your eyes looking young and fresh during the day and lets you wake up with brighter, non-puffy appearance.  Gosh that sounds pretty dang good.  I have bags under my eyes that seem to have train tickets of their own.  Then there is the FAUX FILLER that provides a new alternative that is safe, effective, natural, and cost effective. I could never imagine having anything injected around my eyes.  That is just a scary thought.  So it would be better to have the effects delivered in a safer method like the faux filler.  I would be willing to try this out and see if I have brighter eyes with less lines, wrinkles and oh hiding those dark circles.  If I get a chance to try this out I will let you know how it works out!
#2  My Dear Hubby is still sick as can be with pneumonia.  He was ill for a week trying to get better.  Monday and Tuesday we where at the Doctors office for meds, shots and all.  Not in the hospital as they feel it would be worse for him there.  He is always easy to catch anything around.  But here it is Thursday and he is not any better that I can tell.  Guess we will be going back to the Doctor tomorrow.

#3  Oh and here is the Wicked Witch in the first of three panels from the new poster for OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL, in theaters March 8, 2013!  I so so so want to see this one for sure!

#4  Did you know that Hulu launched Hulu Kids -- a one-stop shop for kids to enjoy premium TV content whenever and wherever they want through Hulu Plus.  With the  growing library of kids content on Hulu Plus, from Nickelodeon and PBS shows to Lionsgate Kids titles, Hulu Kids on Hulu Plus makes it easy for little ones to watch their favorite shows in a safe, commercial-free environment.  I love that the most of all.  The hub is now available on the Sony Playstation 3 and to Hulu Plus subscribers logged in on the Hulu website.  You can also get it on your Wii, iPhone and more.  Find Hulu Kids at  Find out more from Hulu's blog.

Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
Hulu Kids Features:
  • Recommended Content: Kids can browse through recommendations by age group or interests such as "Dino Time," a category made just for dinosaur lovers and "Cartoon Favorites," featuring popular animated shows like "Arthur" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." 
  • Educational Shows: Proving that learning can be fun, Hulu Kids also offers educational children's programming like "Super Why!," "Word World," and others. 
  • Secure Browsing: Recommended programming is limited to commercial-free shows within Hulu Kids, so young viewers can securely discover new shows or jump to their favorites like "iCarly," "Spongebob Square Pants," "Caillou," "Thomas and Friends," "VICTORiOUS" and much more.  
  • Ad Free: All content on Hulu Kids will be available without advertising.  
All of this was just info.  Nothing more.  I do not have anything for any of it.  I am hoping to try out the eye care.  And may be looking into a Hulu Plus account too.  But as of yet I am just hopping around from one thing to another.

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