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Morning folks!  I am sitting here prowling thorough blog after blog reading Gilded Wings: The Angel Chronicles, Book 2  by Amy Lignor.  I am lucky enough to have a portion of that story right here for the continued reading.  Sorta like a pass along read aloud but bloggy like.  Here is the link to the tour schedule.  You can just pop from one to the other (in order) and get to read the whole book!  Pretty cool huh?

Well here is today's selection.  Then read on down I have more! 

“Does your father have any physical problems, lad?” 

A tear glistened in the child’s eye. “No, sir.” 

“Any...mental problems?” 


Drew snapped his neck around and stared at the female who’d issued the sudden command. The girl appeared from behind the metal lattice screen; it was as if an angry angel had materialized in front of him. Covered in dirt and bruises, a pair of brilliant brown eyes stared back at him. Not brown, Drew corrected himself as he focused on her face. They were almost amber, like a tiger’s pelt, and the ferocity that blazed in them drove the chill from Drew’s bones.

His soul seemed to jump for joy and he stumbled to recover his voice, “And you are, miss?”

“My name is Anya Kirkkomaski.”

Drew’s throat was suddenly bone dry as he stood in the brilliant heat of her gaze. Her strong voice was sultry, as if each word she spoke offered a glimpse into a truly passionate soul. He swallowed hard. “You are traveling with these...men?”

Staring down at Gregori, whose blue eyes were now filled with tears, the beautiful young woman locked her steady gaze on Drew. “Of course I am.”

Now how about a lil from the author, Amy Lignor'.  She prepared a lovely guest post for us too.  Gosh, I know where she is coming from now that I live in Small Town Texas.

Boredom Out - Books In

I came from a small town where the only thing to do was watch the cars rust. Not to mention, at least ten months out of the year we were buried in snow. So…I read.  Anything I could get my hands on, actually. My Mom was a librarian so my sister and I were able to get all the new releases the second they came out - which was seriously cool.

There are a lot of people who love small towns, and I do understand that it’s more peaceful and calm - less violence and crime, etc. But the boredom factor is a forty on a scale of 1-10. Without books I would’ve seriously thrown myself into a snow bank and just waited for death to take me. I loved everything; from YA’s to classics like Jane Austen - and the subject of angels was really big for me. I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that the ‘winged ones’ have come back so strong lately.

Emily and Matthew, in a way, have their own ‘small town life.’ They come from a world where there isn’t a whole lot to do either - in their minds. There are certainly more people, but they spend a lot of their time in school, training and waiting around - desperate to enjoy freedom. Of course, with freedom comes some seriously hard lessons which they began to learn in Until Next Time. Now, with Gilded Wings, they seriously have no idea that the human emotions they’re about to run into are even more confusing than the first time around. From love to fear to hate to heartache, they’re now facing greed, pride and prejudice in a time period that was very real and very remembered. Trying to keep their faith in one another in a world that’s trying to rip them apart will be even more difficult…especially when one character faces a twist that no one saw coming.

I love the magic of books. The fact that I can sit in a room and be taken on an adventure with the likes of Matthew and Emily is amazing. I can stand by the side of characters as they head back into history to see something truly monumental that we can only read about now; or head into the future and find worlds that amaze and excite. I can also fall in love through someone else’s eyes, cheer for the hero and heroine, or despise the villain with everything I’ve got. Boredom never comes from these creations, so being able to escape and become someone else for a while is a real ‘gift.’

Your whole life, even when you have the gray hair (yuck), and your own kids may be in their rooms complaining about how boring life is, the characters of Lord Voldemort, Patch, Katniss Everdeen, Lisbeth Salander - even Mr. Darcy - will still be there for entertainment. Not to mention a slew of new ones that are just waiting to be written. No matter what happens in time, or how bad things get, books are eternal.

To me, that’s the real ‘magic.’ No dragon or wand is necessary - just imagination!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

There is also a giveaway hosted by Tribute Books and ran by Rafflecopter. Follow the read-along blog tour and delve into a continuing excerpt of Gilded Wings at over 90 blogs, and enter to win a host of spectacular giveaway prizes!  Do you see the list!  Wow!  

Oh and for FCC rules, I did not get anything for this.  Just love Tribute Books and think they do fantastic tours so I am happy to ride along.

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  1. Lenore, thanks for inviting Amy back for Book 2! I know you guys had fun meeting each other the last time around. Hope you, Dear Hubby and College Girl had a nice Thanksgiving down on the ranch :)

  2. Lenore! I so appreciate being back on your incredible site and I hope you and your readers love Matthew and Emily's second adventure.


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