Allergy or Cold

Oh this is getting old now.  Dear Hubby has been ill for 3 weeks now.  He started off low and it got worse.  I know that so many people are fighting off colds, the flu and allergies.  Make sure you do all you can so it does not end up like Dear Hubby who has a horrid case of pneumonia.  We are not really sure which started it for him, his allergies or a common cold.

I don't know what works for you but I have my go to meds when I am coming down sick.  If I am stopped up then I use Afrin .  This was my father's go to medication for his seasonal allergies.  I have seen him so stopped up that he would have tears running down his face from the pain.  But off to the store and get his Afrin, then in a matter of minutes he would start having some relief.  In an half hour he would be able to breath and actually become human again!

There the is Coricidin HBP that works for the colds, coughs and flu.  What is the HBP?  It is Coricidin that is just for people with high blood pressure.  I just learned that you need to watch what over the counter medications you take if you have HBP.  I am lucky that I do not but Granny M does.  So we switched to make sure that there is not any mix up for her or us in our cold medicine.  You might wanna see the new Coricidin® HBP commercial featuring actress and high blood pressure suffer S. Epatha Merkerson.  I love her!

I am lucky enough to be a Bzz Agent for both of these products.  Why?  Well because I picked them of course.  What better way to pass the word than to tell others about what works for you?

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