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I do not come on here and tear up products.  I try to find something good in every thing I use.  But!

This was too silly in my mind today.  I had two Swiffer Wetjet Pads with The Power of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser arrive in the mail.  Each even had a $1.00 coupon even.  So I opened the package to see how they work.  You see I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and my Swiffer is handy to use.  But these things are just a waste of money for all I can see.

It has a blue strip that is sorta raised up that is to be the magic eraser part.  I do not see much scrubbing power in it at all.  Then the pad has two thin strips on the back that the swiffer is suppose to catch on to while I am scrubbing my floors.  I had my doubts but tried them anyway.  Sure enough, with any bit of force to scrub an area of the kitchen floor the pad peeled right off.  And I would prefer to use a real magic eraser and get on my hands and knees than this lil blue strip of lining to do the job.  Not to be really tacky but my sanitary napkins can hold more 'liquid' than one of these pads can.  

This was not a requested review or anything at all.  It was just a response to the samples that arrived in the mail today.  Now I will say, I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  They do a fantastic job.  And Swiffers are a wonderful help for a quick wipe up on the floor.  But this product did not sell to me even with the $1.00 off coupon.  A 20 count box on Amazon is $12.97.  With the coupon of $1.00 off that is .59 cents a pad.  Guess not a bad deal for wiping up a mess.  Better than half a roll of paper towels.

Now for the fun part.  Pop on facebook and play around with the Swiffer Man Up Sweepstakes.  Great fun guy cleaning tip videos.  These will make you laugh out loud!  This is a two thumbs up campaign.  

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  1. So thankful for this "review" of yours, even if it wasn't intended to be one. I've been curious about those Mr Clean Eraser Swiffer pads. I love Mr Clean Erasers. They're a miracle, for real. And I was thinking of getting a swiffer anyway... so to make a long story short, I'm glad you posted about this!


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