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Living in a country house it gets really dusty.  It does not matter what you do, dust seeps in everywhere.  Our home is 97 years old and has no idea what air tight even means.  Top that off I leave the doors wide open to every bit of dust in the air.

Yeah, I could close it all up and dust more.  But I would miss the sweet fresh air. It is the best part of living here for me.  Currently it is beautiful outside.  In the mid 80's with a lil breeze here and there.  Ceiling fans are on inside our home.  You can feel the sunshine prying at the windows to come in.  We have no lights turned on inside either.  Just that natural light through the windows I refuse to cover with big dark curtains.

But at the same time I do have to dust.  And cover things.  Like on my kitchen counters you can write your name in the dust.  I can clean, wipe, wash, disinfect....the works.  I promise you that before tomorrow morning I will be able to do the same once again.  Write my name in the dust.  So I cover what appliances I can.  Like on my toaster.  I have kept a tiny lil cutting board on top so it does not get dusty inside.  Can you imagine trying to cook toast that way?  ICK!

Now I have it all pretty-fied.  Since my toaster is part of coffee central (my special area all dedicated to my love of the bean) I wanted it to fit right in.  What do you think?

Yeah, you see it right.  I have a Toaster Tops that says Coffee right on it.  Does duel duty of covering the toaster opening and keeping up with my theme.  I love the fun of it.  There are other designs though.  You pick your favorites!

City Girls
The only thing I would change is that currently they all have a black base.  Great if you have a black toaster.  Hopefully this will be available in black, white and chrome.  If so I think it could fit in with any decor.  They do have it where you can get them to fit a 2 slice or 4 slice toaster though.  With these being right under $20 I think I am adding them into my holiday shopping.  Yes it is not too early to get started on that list.

Thanks so to Toaster Tops for sharing with me.  They were so kind as to send just the one I wanted.  Now my lil cutting board can go back to work in the kitchen instead of covering my toaster.  NOW let's share with you too.  Yes we have a giveaway for the Toaster Tops.  Just enter below to get your favorite one too!
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  1. Leslie Williams9/21/12, 2:02 PM

    I like the Three Chefs topper. I collect these chef guys so they would fit in perfect with my kitchen decor!

  2. I like...Wacky mom, grandma, family...

  3. The Three Chefs topper is my favorite.

  4. I would get the Dog - Who Rules the House, because we are a dog household.

  5. Family - We are Blessed is my favorite to remind us to be grateful.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Family we are bless is my favorite to remind us to be grateful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. i like their crystal topper

  8. i love the 3 chefs topper

  9. I would like the Dog Who Rules the House Topper. Cute.

  10. Love the Cupcake Card Holder Toasttopper!


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