Fish Face Not Fish Breath

Now this has been taking some time to post about,  You see Dear Hubby (as you may very well know) has many ailments.  The worst being his heart.  He has not only a pacemaker that was installed in his 40's but also double heart value replacement that was done in his late 30's/  It is ever so important that we watch his diet and his medication.  And yes he has to do the fish oil and aspirin routine.  

Fish oil you can get from many different manufactures but often you end up burping a horrid taste and smell.  It is not pleasant if you are the one on the other side of the bed when he rolls over to breath on you.  So not only do you want a supplement that works but one that does not have these side effects.  We recently (well a month ago) switched over to  omax3® Ultra-Pure™ Omega-3 Supplement®.  It is a pharmaceutical-grade easy-to-swallow soft-gel dietary supplement that delivers the highest omega-3 purity levels  that we can find.  Even the Mayo Clinic will tell you that you want a pure oil and one that does not cause you to have the burps. 

Tips to avoid fishy aftertaste or burps include:
  • Try an "odorless" supplement. This type of coated capsule passes through the stomach and dissolves in the intestines.
  • Switch brands. A different brand may taste less fishy. For fish oil purists, some manufacturers make a pure omega-3 fatty acids product that doesn't taste fishy.
Not all omega-3 supplements are the same and we wanted  to say “see ya” to krill oil and “bye bye” to bargain omega-3 supplements. It’s important to look for (and to expect!) purity and concentration in every pill for the best health benefit. You also want a supplement that is recommended by the American Heart Association.   

We discovered that one dose of two omax3 Ultra-Pure soft gels is equivalent to the omega-3 benefit of eating eight and half egg yolks or 90 walnuts.  Now this is better than having him down tons of eggs and lots easier to swallow then several handfuls of walnuts too.

For those with allergies we also found out that omax3 Ultra-Pure is also gluten-free, and is optimally balanced to support the body’s normal inflammation response to achieve a balance of EPA and DHA . And best of all NO fishy burps!   We even took the  Freezer Test.  Low purity omega-3 products will often turn white and cloudy when placed in the freezer for 24 hours, but omax3 remained clear. Our store brand did not do that.  I can just imagine the fats that are congealed in those capsules.  I may not be a rocket wizard but I know that the eyes don't very often fool you.

Dear Hubby has been on the omax3 capsules for the last month.  He says he does not have any fishy taste, no burps and he has noticed less inflammation in his hands when working.  I know that we saw his heart doctor and they said that all of his triglyceride levels and cholesterol where in a healthy range.  That is always nice to know.

Thanks to omax3 for sharing with us.  It was greatly appreciated.  And also thanks to Robin Leedy & Associates for the introduction to omax3 and our first box.

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