Pet Whoosie!

This is one of our 4 youngest kittens.  Her name is Lil Bit for she is so tiny.  I had to show her off for she is kryptonite to me.  How?  Well once she crawls up so sweet and loving for me to pet her, I am sunk.  She adores it so that I pet her for-EVER!

Now remember she is one of 4 kittens.  So take for-Ever times 4 and you see I am stuck.  Add in the jealous older two cats for their fair time.

1 of 5

And if that is not enough the 'let me hog into this love feast' group of 5 dogs.  You know I can get stuck petting pets for hours if I am not strong and assertive.  

Yeah, you can call me a pet whoosie!

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