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Since we are on vacation, I thought we should check out all the ways we could enjoy with a less cost.  We found our hotel online for a really great deal.  Just at $200 for 3 nights.  Now beat that!  I found some great sites to help out.  Yet we are traveling to a really small town that has great meaning for us.  But these sites may help you out.  Thought I would share.

Top 5 Shameless Money-Saving Websites
So much summer fun can mean so much damage to your bank account. But savvy shoppers know that great deals and discounts are always available. To make your life a little easier—and less expensive—here are our Top 5 Shameless Money-Saving Websites:

1.      Goldstar 
The single best place for half-price live entertainment tickets in over 26 cities around the country, Goldstar posts 1,500 new events each day for all kinds of live entertainment fun, from musicals to national sports league games, comedy shows to plays, circuses and sunset cruises. Prices range from 50%-off to totally free. It’s perfect for date-night, family events, and last-minute deals too.

2.      Billshrink 
Named a “Top 20 Best Money Website” by Money Magazine, BillShrink helps you save money by finding the best cell phone plan, credit card, and gas prices that fit your spending habits.

3.      Savored
Savored enables diners to make free online reservations and pay lower prices at great restaurants. You find the table you want, reserve it online for free and enjoy a discount of 20-40% off your entire dinner bill, food and drinks included!

4.      Cheapism 
Named a “consumer reports for the cheap” by the New York Times, Cheapism finds the best cheap products out there and tells you what they are. A smarter way to scout out bargains, Cheapism scours news stories and product reviews, doing the research so you don’t have to.  

5.      RetailMeNot 
Check out this huge database of online coupon codes and printable in-store coupons before heading out to your favorite retailer. Users vote on the reliability of coupons, so no more clicking through to unusable coupons.

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