Ice Cream....for Breakfast?

Yesterday was one of those times we look forward too. Small town life may seem boring to some but you find the lil day to day joys that makes it seem like your living with a very large family. We are always for June to roll around and we get to attend Dairy Breakfast.  June is officially Dairy Month in all the United States.   A hearty breakfast was served by Comanche county dairymen and their wives to a crowd at the Community Center. A total of 1,000 eggs, 1,300 biscuits, 40 pounds of cheese, 12 pounds of butter, 1,300 sausage patties, 800 cartons of milk, 40 pounds of fresh fruit and 500 cartons of ice cream were served to those in attendance.  This is a pretty big group for breakfast. 

Each year they have a lil calf for the kiddos and young at heart to pet.  I adored the perfect lil white heart on this babies face.  Also the have a milking demo for the kids to understand just where milk comes from.  Nope it is not just from the grocery store! 

And here is my very own JDL with Dear Hubby in the background enjoying her breakfast. Now what is our favorite part?  Hummm I adore having ice cream for breakfast!  Pretty cool.  JDL loves the fresh fruit and whipped cream.  But Dear Hubby nailed it when he won one of the door prizes.  Yeah you got that, food, friendship, family and free gifts.  I know you would all love to be here to join in!

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