Wish I Was There

Do you get to travel?  I don't.  Have thought and dreamed of it.  Now I am not one to think about wild far off places.  Just would like to be able to see some of my own backyard so to speak.  The natural and weird and wonderful things right here in the good ol USA.

Dear Hubby has been lucky enough to get to do just that long before I came along.  That 'wish you were here' postcard was something he sent to his grandfolks as he went from place to place.  Being a military brat helps one get to see quite a bit, some good and some not so wondermous.

Wish You Were HereAnd it has gotten to where I am pretty sure that my travels will be only in my own back yard here at home.  So I have to escape in other ways.  My favorite way is to read, of course.  When I saw Beth K. Vogt's debut novel, Wish You Were Here I knew that I had to read it.  It was fun.  Of course there is a run away bride (the cover gives that away).  But it goes on to much of that 'what do I want with my life' that so many of us search for.  It is easy to fall into the plan.  You know the one.  School, College, Work, Marriage, Kids, Grandkids.  Just the next step that you take like everyone else.  

So what do you do when you realize that your plan is not right.  Do you jump out or not.  When do you say wait....this is my life.  We all hope that inside we would do that.  Stop the bus, get off the train, run away until we figured out what we was suppose to be doing. But I think that the majority of us go along with the plan hope that it will work out right.  I have to say that Allison, the main character, of 'Wish You Were Here' stopped before she made a mistake.  But then she had to also stop everything else so she could hear what was coming up next for her.  That is hard to do too.

Allison Denman is supposed to get married in five days, but everything is all wrong.  She is decidedly not doing the right thing.  Can she have make such a mistake? It seems Allison’s life is nothing but mistakes at this point.  So she  pulls a “Runaway Bride” but that does not solve her problems.  It is time to stop being in control and give it up.  But to find her way again.
I have to thank Litfuse for sending me this one.  It was a good light read.  And I promise you we all need an escape sometime.  It was a good way to run away and still stay home.


  1. Thanks for participating in the Litfuse blog tour and for posting a review of Wish You Were Here.


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