today has been a great day

It is getting late here, but I so wanted to share with you.  You see today has been a great day.  No big holiday.  No big amazing thing.  But lots of wonderful everyday things that have me smiling for just being here.

It started off by waking to 3 big dogs who where excited to go outside and bark at all the booger bears they heard sniffing around their yard.  I knew right off I was safe as can be.  What a wonderful feeling being safe is.  Not that I am not normally safe, but glad to know it anyway.

Then I went online with my cup of coffee to visit with my friends.  I found out that one of them needed some help.  She has had knee surgery (on both knees) and needed a couple of simple task completed.  Easy Peasy...hoped in the vehicle and had a wonderful afternoon of sharing while doing very little at all.  But it still helped her out and made my day wondermous too.

Next I was able to stop off at my home and see my Dear Hubby and Granny M.  I miss being at home but it is important to be able to house/dog sit for friends.  Dinner was at Dairy Queen...a treat.  Now is it the food that is the treat?  The not cooking or cleaning up afterwards?  Or the family around you as you chatter about the day?  Honestly...the family.  I am still smiling.

I was able to talk to my two oldest and dearest friends tonight while making plans for College Girl's graduation.  Less than two weeks away for her.  She has accomplished so much!  We are all so very proud for her.  Now I am back at the house that I am caring for.  The dogs are fed and happy.  One curled up at my feet.  Another guarding the door with one eye half closed.  The third thinking I do not know she is up on the couch.  Getting away with it for a moment or two longer.

My day has been full.  I have done chores.  I have visited with family and friends.  I have known how blessed life is.  Today is one of those times I just give honor to the happiness of everyday happenings. Oh and look at the bottom of the post to see how your going to be happy too!

I am going to share a list of books below that help me stay focused on the good life.  Maybe they will do the same for you!

Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Yeah, you know they are top dogs in sharing how great everyday can be.  I think you should check out the two latest ones.  One is close to my heart due to Granny M, Family Caregivers.  Yes loving her is easy, being the one in charge and responsible is not easy.  Knowing she is still here with me is amazing.  This CSftS book just helps me realize it in lil doses.  The next CSftS one is because of College Girl, The Magic of Mothers & Daughters.  Oh there is magic in this type of relationship.  One that starts in awe of the gift we have been given, grows to wonder of how they mature and blossoms as they share their lives as women with us.  I am so glad that CSftS has been here to give me a glimpse into the lives others share.

Now remember the great part here....sharing!  Yes CSftS shares with me and with you too.  So I have 3 of each copy to give to yall.  REALLY...6 books to share.  This is easy to win too.   Watch at the bottom of the post for how toos!

Next I want to tell you a lil on Celebrating Beginnings and Endings.  Oh that circle of life we all share.  I adore how easy it is to tell someone how great it is to share their celebrations with them.  And here there are so many ideas of how to help do just that.  Right now I am in the Empty Nest stage of life.  One that makes me laugh...empty nest.  Heck my life is so full of purpose in sharing, caring and giving that I would never think of it as empty.  I do want to mark this moment though.  The time that my own girl called and said "Mom, clean out my room please.  I do not want it there anymore.  I love you, but I need that push to go out and start my own life."  Wow!  What affirmation of a job well done.

And the last book is THE BOOK OF DOING: Everyday Activities to UnlockYour Creativity and Joy by Allison Arden.  This is my newest dream book.  My grandbabes will be here soon for summer time visits.  I want them to revel in the summer days.  Yet we do have to have activities.  Allison Arden has given me a whole book of ideas.  Easy everyday ideas to make, create, share, laugh and just plain ol enjoy.  I know we will have homemade puppet shows, cookies to share and more than enough craft times to fill the days.  Add in digging in the dirt, swinging on the tire swing and splashing in the water and what more can one dream of on a summer vacation?

Thanks so to my family and friends for supporting me.  Thanks ever so to the many authors, publicity firms and publishing house for sharing with me.  I am not sure what I ever did to deserve so much.  But know, it is all noticed and admired in how you do just exactly what you do!  No one could ever pay me for having a joyful life or to give my loving thoughts.


  1. It is amazing what is easy peasy for most is impossible for others!!! A giving heart is worth more than a rich one! I love the Chicken Soup books and I am going to purchase the Beginnings and Endings one as I unfortunately know alot about that. The book of Doing looks fantastic! Thanks for all you do! Cissi

  2. Lynette,

    Thank you for calling The Book of Doing your newest dream book. I am honored! I can't wait to hear what you do with your grandbabes. The activities are good for us grown up kids, too! Please share what you do and have fun.

    Many thanks,
    Allison Arden

  3. I would love to win the caregivers!

  4. I love that creativity book you found! By the way, I found your blog through exposure 99%! Would love a follow back!

  5. mother's and daughters would be a good book to read


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