National Clean Out Your Purse Day

I joined Kathi Lipp for National Clean Out Your Purse Day.
Here is my Miche bag that I won from Crazy Suburban Housewife.  I love this bag and it's different covers.
Here everything is all poured out and in a jumble.  Pretty messy.  But I have pockets for most of it.
This is after I have deleted all the trash.  Then I looked at what I used often.  I am a firm believer of using smaller zip bags to hold lil things in.  It keeps then from rolling all around in the bottom of my purse and easy to find too.
And now with everything in it's proper place.  I can just about put my fingers on what I need without even looking inside my purse.  Pretty good, huh?

It really does help me to feel emotionally better when things are in order and not jumbled up.  Kathi Lipp has The Get Yourself Organized Project.  It is a book with 21 steps to less mess and stress.  It has step by step help to clean up and organize any room.  Cissi, this is the book you would love to have!  There are 8 basic rules in here to get organized.  See we can all handle 8 rules.  My favorite is the 3 box, 2 bag system.  It is boxes marked for you to know where to put items but not running back and forth from room to room as your working on one room.

I have two copies of this book.  One that Graduated College Girl has already stolen from me.  She really needs it.  Pretty close to a hoarder herself, she needs to get her ADD and organizing skills in check.  The other book is for me to share with you.  If you “like” Kathi’s author Facebook page  you will receive Kathi’s free download “30 Ways to Save 30 Minutes in the Next 30 Days” to kick start your way to a more organized you!  All who do the “National Clean Purse Day” project, and go to Kathi’s Facebook Author page to post about it by May 5th, will be entered to win a Vera Wang tote filled with Kathi’s books, and 5 more blog followers will be entered to win a “My Husband is a Hottie” tote filled with all five of Kathi’s books.

So here it is....easy to win....not hard at all!  Leave me a comment below telling me what you need to organize the most.  Or what you do to help you organize.  Make sure I have your email too.  And one person will soon have help on the way via Kathy Lipp and The Get Yourself Organized Project!


  1. Oh! OH! Can I read this to Princess Emma as a bedtime story??!!??! We need this one :)

  2. I have mine all cleaned out!!!

  3. The inside of your purse looks a lot like mine. I have so many things that needs organized, starting with my life going clear down to my desk. I should send you a picture of it. It has so many drawings on it, it is not funny.

  4. You are my hero. What a GREAT, GREAT demo of how to make it happen. Your rock.


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