Do The Funky Monkey

Doesn't that sound like a wild dance?  You can just imagine someone twirling around with their arms all in the air and legs bouncing to and fro. 

Funky Monkey sounds fun.  Makes you smile when you say it automatically.  Yeah see, you did!

There is a wine with this name as well as online music store, cafe and gallery, even a family game center.  But of course we are all wise and know that Funky Monkey is one of the best fruit snacks around!

We may not have a dancing video to jump around with.  But there are some fun activities for the kiddos over at Funky Monkey.  And while your there look to see what your favorite flavors are.  Mine has to be Bananamon.  Bananas have always been my favorite.  I use to eat those dried ones that were hard and sticky sweet.  Hurt my teeth though.  I like the Funky Monkey one's much better.  A great crunch that is light.  Not all artificial tasting.  If I could make my own bag at the Looney Lab it would be bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple and lime.  And I would name it Crazed Lime!

Well today I am off to get some cleaning done.  Know I am snacking while I work too.  Thanks Funky Monkey for keeping me going today and for the samples.

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