When David Met Sarah

My goodness today has been a busy day.  I have been running to and fro all day long.  And I have to say I did not enjoy to or fro!  House/dog sitting for my friends is always an enjoyable experience for me.  But returning home is also very hectic afterwards.  First I am attacked by my dogs.  They so miss me.  Even though they are not alone (Granny M is always here) you would think I had been missing forever.  Glued to my butt all day while running to and fro.

Then of course there is the catch up on housework.  Sweeping, mopping, wiping down, laundry and the list goes on.  I have to say that I feel like I have been in an ass kicking contest with only one leg.  Yeah, I would lose for sure.  Today is the day I need my girlfriend Anne Kelleher here.  She is an amazing woman who can help me gain my center of balance in just a few words.  I have enjoyed our chats and sharing together.  Currently I am the lucky one on the receiving end.  Anne shared her latest book with me and for me to share.

You see Anne normally writes fantasy.  But she has reached out to so we can share his amazing viewpoints and life.  It is refreshing to have not only a new view but to also know his loving attitude.  "How David Met Sarah" is the first book of a series. Anne wrote this book about David who has Down Syndrome.  It is written so that people with limited reading skills can easily understand.  Yet, you never feel that it is too simple for an adult read.

David has his life that is based on routine.  Working in a mail room and living with his folks.  But then he sees Sarah who is new to the neighborhood.  He is quite taken with her and starts working on how they can meet.  With the challenges he  works his way to being Sarah's friend.  I loved reading from his level.  It made me understand better what he deals with daily.  More so it reminds me the joy and happiness that is in everyone of us if we choose to live it.

Anne has made sure that 20% of the profits of How David Met Sarah will go to the National Down Syndrome Society.  She has also made this book accessible to libraries all over.  I have my copy (signed!) and two more to share (both signed).  One I am going to share with the local high school.  And the last one is for you to win.  You know how lucky that makes me feel.  I love sharing.  Thanks Anne for doing this for all of us!  Well just pop on down below to win your copy!

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  1. One task at a time...or at least I try to.

  2. thanks so much for posting this, lynette!! you are so sweet and i really appreciate your kind words!!!! xooxox

  3. Sounds Good.. I would enjoy reading this book!

  4. Kimberly Bauer3/23/12, 9:32 AM

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