Let's Hit the High Seas

Have you ever been on a cruise ship?  I haven't.  Dear Hubby says he would love to take me someday.  That is in the far away future though.  He was in the Navy and loves the sea.  He feels I would adore it.  I think I would adore all the food and shows though.  But in the mean time I guess I will continue to live vicariously through books to know what it would be like on the open sea.  

Marie Moore  has written Shore Excursion which combines both my desire for a cruise in with my love of a mystery.  See she already has me as a captive audience.  Yesterday I had to take Granny M to the eye doctor.  Now that is a tale to tell in itself.  But it did give me a lil more time to finish the last of Marie's book. Sitting in the car with the sun beaming down on me was wonderful.  I could just feel the warmth and imagine what it would be like at sea.  Of course if I had to be on the cruise that Sidney Marsh was on in Shore Excursion with her group of High Steppers, I would have been jumping ship in no time.  Why?  Well heck what would you do it people kept showing up strangled?  Top it off with the cryptic warnings to back off when you know you have to find out what happened.  Sidney is one tough cookie compared to me.  That would be adios job and hello a quick flight home.  I know, I know, I am a chicken.  That is why I love reading mysteries with strong characters.  They can do what I wish I could do.  Granny M would have fit right in with the group, High Steppers.  This set of 'older adults' do not let too much faze them when it comes to having a great time.  I have to say for a first time book, this was really good.  Marie Moore is use to writing having been a reporter for many years.  Add in her career as a travel agent, she married her love of travel and writing into a great excursion.  I think you might really enjoy reading this one.  It will be coming out April 1st so look out for it.  

I have some links here to help you out.  And as always thanks forever to Nicole and  Tribute Books  for allowing me to be part of their tours.  It is always a great time.
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  1. Lenore, what a great way to read this book - with the sun shining down on you. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. This looks good..i am booked for a 9 days cruise in July..hopefully without the murder..LOL. great reivew :)

  3. I am not so sure that I would want to go on a cruise where everyone ended up strangled either. I would however love to go on a cruise where people stayed alive.

  4. Thank you, Lenore, for the super 5-star review!!! I'm glad you like Sidney and the High Steppers and I hope you will come along with us for all of their adventures! I really appreciate your posts. It's amazing and exciting, especially for a debut author, when other mystery lovers enjoy your work and want to tell their friends about it. Thanks sooooo much!


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