Handling Finance

Authored by Raymond Whitney

My husband is about to deploy to Afghanistan for nine months, so he has been teaching me to handle all of the family finances while he is gone. For some reason he is worried about me handling everything. I try to remind him that I lived by myself and took care of my own bills for years before we were married, and things should be fine. I am starting to get annoyed about him treating me like a child, but I don’t want to ruin our last weeks together because of this. We spent all day on the computer going from website to website so he could show me how to pay and manage our bills, when all I really wanted to do was hang out and relax. First it was DirectStarTV.com for our satellite TV, and then wellsfargo.com so he could show me what bills were going to be paid automatically. I don’t even remember what he showed me next because I was so annoyed at him I was seeing red. If he doesn’t stop acting like handling family finances is rocket science I am going to lose my temper.

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