This is our dinner the other night.  It was pretty quick too.  I did not expect that when I started but was ever so thankful.   


So what did we have?  Well there were yeast rolls that thankfully were frozen. So just pop into the oven and started baking them when dinner was starting to cook.  Then the lima beans were canned so of course easy.  

The meats that look burnt were not at all.  There was chicken and crab there.  But they were Char Crust not burnt.  What it I did was coat the chicken in Ginger Teriyaki Char Crust then put them in a buttered HOT pan.  That way the seasoning would instantly start to sear into the meat.  I was scared that it was a burnt mess.  But since I cooked it I served it.

Wow, we were surprised!  The chicken was tender inside and the seasoning were just right.  Not too sweet at all.  Granny M said she thought maybe a lil too much salt but she does not use any at all.  She is pretty sensitive to salt in food.

Now there are other flavors.  The Other Mother tried the All-American Bar-B-Que that same night.  Princess Emma said it was too hot for her lil mouth.  And Poppi agreed there was quite a bite to it.

We are still going to try out Amazing Cajun and Roasted Garlic Peppercorn.  The Other Mother wants to use the Roasted Garlic Peppercorn on veggies and tators.  That sounds like a great match up there.  And I am looking to get some Shrimp for the Amazing Cajun.  Char Crust dry-rub seasonings consist of premium herb blends, spices and other natural ingredients that can be simply rubbed onto the surface of uncooked meat or fish, or sprinkled over raw vegetables then broiled, baked, grilled, pan-seared, roasted, or sautéed.

They even have a recipe for us to try out.  

Char Crust® recipe idea:
Pan-Seared Tilapia
Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: about 20 minutes
Ingredients: Tilapia fillets -- about 6 oz per person Char Crust® Amazin' Cajun -- about 1/2 Tbsp per fillet A little oil, canola is good A little butter (optional), at room temperature
Heat a cast iron pan on the stove until very hot. Season one side of the fish with Char Crust® Amazin' Cajun Dry Rub Seasoning, generously covering the surface. Drizzle a little oil all over the seasonings, using your fingers to rub in and distribute evenly. Seasonings will look moist and darken a bit. Place the fish, seasoned side down, into the pan. It should sizzle immediately, and you may get some smoke. Cook a few minutes until just cooked through. Transfer to plate with seasoned side up and place pat of butter on top.
Option: We actually prefer this recipe with catfish, but tilapia seems to have more fans.

Char Crust products is happy to host this giveaway for y'all to win. They are providing a set of four 4 oz boxes (retail price of $5.49 per box) for one giveaway winner. 
• Roasted Garlic Peppercorn features the robust flavor of roasted garlic and onions with the zing of peppercorns and a hint of Worcestershire and lavender. Its versatility has made it a best seller. It complements steaks, lamb, seafood, pork, poultry, and potatoes.
• Ginger Teriyaki is a balance of sweet teriyaki, fragrant ginger, plus a tingly touch of wasabi that lends a new dimension and creates a modern teriyaki interpretation. It complements chicken, fish, and steak.
• Amazin’ Cajun is a spicy-sweet blend of piquant cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, oregano and a mélange of other Mardi Gras flavors. It brings the sublime heat of New Orleans to catfish, chicken, shrimp, and even “dirty” rice.
• All American Barbecue takes the best flavors of American barbecue and blends them into a tangy-sweet, slightly spicy rub. It has rich molasses from Memphis, tangy tomato from Kansas City, mustard, pepper and vinegar from the Carolinas, plus a wisp of smoke from Texas.
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  1. I would like to try the all american barbuque on ribs

  2. I want to try the All American BBQ on some chicken.

  3. Ginger Teriyaki on chicken

    jenny_anwar at

  4. The all sound yummy the amazin cajun sounds like it would be GREAT on shrimp!!!


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