1 Down!

Well I finally have all of the right things in the right rooms.  Only two weeks to get this much done.  Whew!
I am totally done with both bathrooms, the dining room (it was full of over flow from the other rooms) and the master bedroom.  Granny M's room only needs me to finish a few more photos up on the walls.  But the office is horrid.  I do have the computer back up finally.  YEAH!  So I will get back on schedule here.  And the desk and all are out of the living room. 
 It seems to have much more space now that all of the office stuff is out of it.  No more desks, filing cabinets and big ol office chair in there.  I would be ever so happy if I could afford Sure Fit covers for the furniture.  That would make a much prettier presentation.
 I adore the french doors that lead into the dining room.  Currently the one on the right is locked down so the shelf may sit there for a lil while longer.  I am not thrilled with it there but at a lose as to relocation.  And one day I will be able to afford those lovely storage boxes that look all antique.  Then I can place more of the games and all in them that are in the cardboard boxes under the television.  
The ol time radio to the left was my grandparents.  I need to repair some of the netting under the slats.  And a lil of the wood work on top.  But I am so thrilled to have it at all.  You can not tell but the 'table' on the right is an antique treadle sewing machine cabinet.  My aunt gave it to me a few years back.  Of course there is the family wall for photos behind the love seat.  I would like to treat the floors in the 'paper bag' style that is sweeping across the internet.  Check it out!  

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