Went Nuts

Sorry to have missed y'all...been busy.  You see I am moving my house around.  YES AGAIN!  This time I am taking my room and moving to the back bedroom.  Granny M is going to be moved to the big bedroom with the small bath/shower.  Showers are easier for her to get in and out of.  Plus she has the largest room in the house!  And we are going to make her current room into an office.  Yes we have the bigger bath with tub...and I love the tub.  But to do it all means days and days of moving furniture, packing up closets and stuff!  Oh and of course taking everything off the walls and redoing them.  When I am finally done we will have moved around 6 rooms of the 8 room house.   OMG am I C R A Z Y ?


  1. You go girl!! I can't even seem to get myself together to rip this carpet out of the living room......until this weekend, I have the gumption to get it done. So I asked Hubby to bring home his utility trailer so that I can cut and rip it up and throw it out on the trailer and then I am cleaning this house out. No garage sales, no nothing. If I have not touched it in a while it is bye bye!! Now that I have the energy to do it, you know what he says about getting the trailer? Uh, how about next weekend?? The story of my life.........I work. lol

    1. Oh I so understand. I have had some help here...some! But it kills me that I work a day really hard to get something accomplished. Then I am in horrid pain all night long. The next day it is all I can do to move. So try to take it easy then. But it then takes twice as long to get it done. And this is a major overhaul for us. 3 full rooms with 2 full baths and 1/3 of the livingroom total to do. I have both baths done. And 95% of one room and 75% of the second. But it has been a full week to get that much done. Have 1 full room and 30% on two rooms and the 1/3 of the living room to finish. Oh and on the last room....yeah...gotta pull up carpet there too.


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