Those Who Were Here Before Us

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Have I told you about the pin lady?  You see our home is 97 years old.  And we the second family to live here.  The original owners built the home and lived here til the end of their lives.  I was told that the wife was very good at making their clothes.  Thus the Pin Lady was born.

You see since we first moved in here over 5 years ago we have found all kinds of pins in all sorts of areas.  Big  needles that would be used for upholstery. Rusted needles that look years and years old.  Lil pins that would catch your bare foot but are always seen in the nick of time.  Safety pins, straight pins, sewing pins, and ever tacks.   No one has ever been hurt by one but they sure do surprise us all the time.

Once Granny M had her large blue pin cushion go missing.  We searched high and low for it for days on end.  Finally we gave up and told the Pin Lady to please give it back.  Sure enough that night while College Girl was sitting in the living room the pin cushion showed back up.  Right in the middle of the floor.  WOW!  So you can see we do believe that a home carries on the personality of those who lived here before.

Well that is what drew me to read "A Sound Among the Trees" by Susan Meissner.  You see Susannah Page lived in Holly Oak during the Civil War.  Rumors said she was a spy.  Now here great granddaughter, Adelaide, owns Holly Oak.  Even though others feel the homestead is occupied by its previous owner, Adelaide does not believe any such thing.  And so the story grows.  Is the sound in the trees from the winds blowing up or those who lived there before walking among them?

This was a good book with a rich background of Virginia and the time frame of the 1800's.  I especially enjoyed the letters at the end of the book.  You may want to check it out yourself.  I have to tell Blogging for Books thank you for sending me this one.  It was enjoyable to lay in bed nightly and read til I was tired.  My favorite way to go to sleep.


  1. Love the pincushion! The book sounds interesting too. :O)

  2. I too love Blogging for books!! Wow, to have a house that old and only be the second family to live there, that is something. And the pincushion showing up..............I hope you had your animals then. :)


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