My Valentine Picks

All Things Bright and Beautiful is  a site that I have fallen in love with.  It is comprised of Cissi Wright and Melanie Galvan - a mother/daughter team of jewelry designers and crafters.  And they have been so kind as to show off some of their goodies with me. 

To compliment their line of handcrafted jewelry, they also keep a look out for exquisite objects like ornaments, decorative pillows, purses, jewelry boxes and other items that meet their high standards for beauty and quality. Additionally, they can perform small jewelry repairs to local customers (Austin  Texas area).

ATB&B are excited to brighten your world up with their beautiful products!  I want to share my favorites that I want to use as Valentine day gifts.

For Granny M who  loves dangled earrings and beautiful workmanship, I picked out the:

Cloisonne Feather Earrings
The rich details in these cloisonne earrings make them both primitive and elegant. Designed by Melanie Galvan.  These are only $13.00 for the pair so it is a very affordable gift. 

I am a major pearl necklace fan.  And was thrilled when I received my first strand not too long ago.  So here is the new one that I would pick out for myself.  I mean a girl has to dream right?  Pearls and sparkle....that is a great combination.

White Pearl and Swarovski Necklace
Crisp white button pearls and sparkling Swarovski crystals make this necklace both sophisticated and festive. Designed by Melanie Galvan. (17 inches, toggle clasp)  And a dang good deal for just $32.00.  I will have to wink at Dear Hubby and point him in this direction!

College Girl loves the unique and funky looks.  And I think I found the right one for her too. 

Garnet and Crazy Horse Bracelet
Gorgeous Crazy Horse beads with faceted garnets. Crazy Horse is becoming one of my favorite natural stones - it has so many colors and variations. The sophisticated garnets contrast perfectly with Crazy Horse but also bring out the rich color. Designed by Melanie Galvan (7.5 inches, sterling silver press clasp -- warning: the clasp can't be fastened alone)  Don't you think that $20.00 is not much to spend on a Valentine's gift for my lil girl.  (Okay, lil is relative....she will be 25 this March!)

Now this is what I would love to give my mom-in-law for her special gift.
Peacock Pearl and Swarovski Rosary
This rosary is truly breathtaking. The freshwater pearls shimmer in subtle shades of purple, blue and green. The sparkle of Swarovski crystals adds a remarkable element to this traditional piece.  This one is a lil harder for my own pocket book at $55.00.  But I know it is well worth it for all of the work and stones that it took to make it.  Depending on what materials they use and what you request, the rosaries can vary greatly in length. Some are large and decorative enough to hang on a wall, others are perfect as a traditional necklace. Others are small enough to carry in a pouch and we even make abbreviated prayer bracelets. This is a great item to custom order and a wonderful gift to share.

You can check out All Things Bright and Beautiful on Facebook too!  You would love talking to Cissi Wright who has been a buyer and a store owner.  She has quite an eye for design and beautiful things.  And make sure to give a shout out to Melanie Galvan. She has always been fascinated by all art forms and enjoy pursuing this interest whenever and in whatever way possible.  In jewelry, she loves natural stones and freshwater pearls.  I did not receive any jewelry or money for this.  I just wanted to share with you a place to find some nice unique gifts.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. Thanks you so much, Lenore! We appreciate your checking out our site!! You are awesome!!! Cissi

  2. Thank you so much for taking a look at our site!! We appreciate you taking the time to seek us out! Your blog is so wonderful and we know how very busy it keeps you! I read it daily! Thanks again, cissi

  3. Oh my Jenn would LOVE the feather earrings! She just bought 3 pairs of feather earrings - they arrived yesterday - that were really really pretty (but I'm not telling her that) although a little "long". One pair was the dream catcher design that I really loved - but you need that "long neck" of models to make it work, so I couldn't do those, but I would love to try :)
    I will have to check out this site later, when I have time to really look (maybe while I'm sitting at the hairdressers)

    1. These are beautiful and with them being inlaid stone it is very dressy. Please check them out as I found they have great prices, good work and more so...enjoyable women.

  4. I hopped over and checked them out. I too love that Garnet and Crazy Horse Bracelet. It would be an awesome ankle bracelet.....for fat kankles. lol But oh, those owl earrings give me the shivers just like frogs do. Leave it to me right? Their jewelry is very pretty indeed!!

    1. They can make any alteration you need by the way. Oh and OWLS too! Yippeee a new one I can abuse you with.


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