Weekly Wrap-Up

I wanted to share a lil of my past week. Having to house sit for a friend has it perks. We have enjoyed the wonderful a/c that we lack at home. Big flat screen TV with all the movie channels too. Air Hockey and our Wii hooked up in the game room. But I have to say the best has been the very low low low heated hot tub. This morning we had breakfast of coffee and donuts in the hot tub. PERFECT way to start the day.  Doesn't College Girl look happy?
Today we also meet up with a lovely lady who adopted one of our kittens. Callie is becoming Willow. She is such a loving people person cat. This is perfect for her. A home of a special needs girl who is home schooled. So she will have her own human to love and dote on all the time. And being in a inside kitty to a great a/c home will be the topping on the cake for her.
Last weekend we traveled to see Dear Hubby's mom who was in the hospital. She is home and doing much better now. Thanks so for all the prayers for her. This is a feisty 80 year old lady who is not giving up without giving it her all. Well on the way home we saw some amazing cattle. They put the Texas Longhorn to shame. I do not know what breed they are but look at those amazing horns. WOW!
Well tonight is our last evening our our staycation.  Monday will be my birthday so I am going to make a celebration of it tonight.  Grilling up some steaks.  Making home made mac n cheese....the ultimate in comfort food.  Dessert of bacon butterscotch cookies....yes you heard me right.  And a late evening watching the stars, drinking gin n tonic and soaking in the hot tub.  Now that is the way to end a day.


  1. You have a great blog! I am visiting from the blog hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back too! Thanks so much!

  2. Now that sounds like a great staycation. I am not a fan of hot tubs because of the heat, it just makes me sick. I am glad that you got to enjoy the a/c and all.

    That is a very cute kitty how could you not give it to that little girl. I am sure they will make a great pair.

    Now, those are some big horns!! lol

    Have a great birthday!!!

  3. Ok...bacon butterscotch cookies...bacon.really..bacon..hmmm I guess it would have that whole sweet and salty thing going..interesti.g..
    College girl looked happy..of course a hot tub and bacon butterscotch coikies would make me grin!
    That big ol horned cow was the chatter with my friends the other nite..i saw the picture on here and one of my friends just got a Longhorn..its just a baby..prob wont ever be that big.
    Have a great day!!! Happy Birthday !!

  4. You have no Air Conditioning????? OMG - I'm sweating now.... I didn't know it was your birthday either... hm. Contemplating that. I'm trying to work out the eyeglass thing but I'm not sure I can do it with Kumihimo, I might make you something else with that. But I must think of something for your birthday anyway.... hmmmmmmmmm

  5. Hey Kiddo! Where did you see that those cattle? Hubby's nephew raises longhorns and when I show him that picture, I'm sure he will ask. Also, have you checked your e-mail lately? I sent you one asking a question about Tynedale Books.

    Glad y'all are having such a great time. You deserve it. Love ya bunches!

    P.S. The kitten is adorable! No I don't want one! LOL! (We have at least 4 new ones ourselves, (2 black and two that look like Siamese). Only one will let us pet it. The rest are still skiddish. They stay under the house mostly out of the heat.


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