Pain Free Weekend After All

It has been a very busy weekend.  First we moved College Girl into her new apartment.  Her first apartment.  Which took us only 15 hours to get her there, unloaded and fully unpacked  But oh so worth the time as she loves her new place.  I feel so honored that she wanted my help it getting it all set up.  What a gift to share with me.

We had to make sure we had everything and yes we did forget a few things.  Dear Hubby picked up some of it that we thought of.  But other items I did not think of til a day or two later.  We did make sure we stayed hydrated and ready with Activate drinks.  I love these now!  Have you had any?  It is a water that has a drink mix in the cap.  You twist, shake and then open to drink.  And not only are flavors light but healthy.  You can have a bottle to help with energy or multivitamin or antioxidant or immunity.  I loved how they both shared their water while raising money to help nutrition for pregnant women.  Passersby pedaled an exercise bike attached to the vending machine for thirty seconds to release a free bottle of ACTIVATE. 1,250 bottles were distributed, the retail value of which will donated to Nourish America in support of nutrition for pregnant women. The final donation amount totaled $2,240. 

We also agree that we need gum to unpack.  Really!  It seemed that it was impossible to pull stuff out of a box if we were not chewing away on a wad of gum.  I know that sounds silly but it helped us stay focused.  The thing is that College Girl and I have different favorite flavors.  She loves spearmint and has since she was really little.  I want something with a lil citrus and a punch.  Guess what we both can get what we want in one pack of gum.  Mentos gum has UP2U packs.  We have a pack of mandarin strawberry for me and spearmint for her.  How cool is that.  Also we were sent it for being facebook fans of Mentos gum.  That was a double cool!

Now you know I just had my birthday too.  And I promise I am feeling every dang step of it.  Being disabled is beginning to really get to me too.  One of the worst right now is the non-stop pain in my knees.  Now just add that in with trucking up and down stairs to get boxes to her second floor apartment.  I hid several times in the bathroom to deal with the extreme pain I was having.  Thankfully Dear Hubby had to return home to get items we forgot.  Well he also checked the mail and brought me back the Curamin that had arrived.   It is a natural pain relief.  I quickly took the suggested 3 capsules all at once instead of just one three times that day.  Why?  Well I was fighting tears.  In time my knee pain subsided to a point I could handle.  I was so so so thankful. I am really taking this supplement heart for the pain I am feeling.  It is a combination of Curcumin, boswellia, DLPA and nattokinase that combines anti-inflammatory and pain relieving combinations.  I do not understand how different supplements work....I just understand when they do work.   And luck has it now that I can also share a bottle with one of my readers.  I am going to set up a rafflecopter giveaway at the end of this post so you can have a chance to win.  Please do enter if you or someone you know has chronic pain.  I am loving the relief!

Now of all the new school supplies that we gathered up for College Girl she does have a favorite.  It is her new May Book notebooks.  These are great lil 5X8 notebooks made from green e-certified canvas covers and sewn spines for eco-friendly binding.  As you use these notebooks the covers wear to become like a durable yet soft cover.  At the same time they are able to be wiped off from smears or smudges.  Now College Girl has two purple covered books that are one a planner for class work and the other a notebook for her to use in the theater.  Since they are 5X8 and durable, she can slip it into her pocket while she is acting.  Then take it out for notes during critics.  But they also have notebooks for weddings, track diet/milestones, pregnancy or to log newborn nursing and sleep schedules.  Basically if you need to log it they have a good solution for you.

Today, College Girl thought she would write about a different book that didn't fall in with her preferred genre of fantasy. Here is what she had to say about it.

"Of course, after the first few chapters, I hardly noticed. The night I finished book one of G.M. Dyrek's The Seer and the Scribe series, I stayed up late to do it. I couldn't stop turning the pages and had to know what happened next. Nothing turned out the way I expected, but I was smiling by the end.

Spear of Destiny is the first book in a series that "begins where recorded history is silent" introducing characters such as Hildegard of Bingen and Volmar, a monk and scribe at the monastery at Disibodenberg. The story is set in 12th century Germany, which is a period I know I've never studied. Despite that, I had no trouble at all keeping track of what was happening in the book. Everything starts fairly suddenly, with news of Hildegard's talents as a seer that allowed her to see a murder that had taken place generations ago at the monastery. Volmar listens to her story and helps her find proof that it was true, but before they can find a way to bring the old murderer to justice, Volmar is told of a holy relic with a powerful curse. When another body turns up at the monastery, it is up to Volmar's scientific mind to find out what really happened.

The book isn't very slow to start; it seems to be just the right amount between the opening scenes and the first subplot. Foot notes are provided at the bottom to explain details of monastic life that modern readers may not understand otherwise. I don't normally read historical fiction or murder mysteries, but I already want to get a copy of the next book in the series, Methuselah's Secret. Another cool detail: the author's son and niece are the models for Volmar and Hildegard, respectively. They appear on the cover and in the pencil illustrations inside. The illustrations added another cool angle when they appeared; the black and white style seemed very complementary of the setting and time period of the story. Thank you so much to my mom over at Crazed Mind for letting me review the book. I loved it!"

No money was made off of theses reviews.  They are just our opinions.  


  1. So, the Curamin really helped? Is it for all kinds of chronic pain, or just joint pain like your knee? I am wondering if it would help with migraines and am curious about it. I take opiates for the migraines, and I don't like taking that.

    As for the book review by your daughter, she's got me convinced. I am going to put that series on my wish list!! Thank you for bringing it up!

  2. I am wondering if this works for fibromyalgia. Mine is constantly getting worse and the pain just seems to get more widespread all the time. I have come to realize that this will be a never ending battle for the rest of my life. BUT, like headaches, I will learn to deal with them because I will not let them beat me.

  3. In response to your questions. Migraine suffers should definitely try Curamin. And Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Medical Director of Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers and best selling author of several books including “From Fatigued to Fantastic” recommends Curamin for fibromyalgia patients.
    I am also telling you that my knees are doing much better. Just a tenderness that I have not felt all summer. Not in constant pain and limping like I have done all summer. This is REALLY WORKING for me!

  4. I have chronic back pain and would love to try an all natural substance to see if it works.


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