Thank Goodness it is Tuesday GIVEAWAY

Today I have to rely on a oldie but goodie.....Thankful Tuesday.  Yesterday was so nice that I wanted to share it with everyone.  First off it made a major difference to wake up and not be burning up hot.  Whew!  Then I was able to make coffee, go online a bit and the best part of the morning was a lil nap.  Yeppers.  I went back to sleep for a bit.  Now that is just unheard of for me.  But it was a wonderful rest and I woke for a second time to a call from College Girl.  Love having heard from her.

The day progressed pretty calm.  Well if you like having 5 dogs, 2 cats and 5 kittens underfoot.  Actually they all behaved pretty well.  I was able to get my post here done, clean up the living room in the morning while it was still cool and even have a bit of lunch too.  Our Gentleman that lives with us declared the evening to be pizza night at the local pizza parlor in town.  They have a good deal on Monday nights that we took advantage off.  He had Other Mother, Poppa and Princess Emma join in.  We also took pizza to our Wee One at work and picked up her beau from his job to join us.  Granny M and her best friend met up with us too.  So the 10 of us had dinner for about $4.00 per person.  And I promise we ate our fill of pizza.

Afterwards it was time to pop over to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  Our Gentleman loves that treat.  Well just as we were pulling up I had a text message.  Look at the luck.

Comanche Dairy Queen
Hey Crazed Mind, we really appreciate you coming to our DQ very often and all the great complements you give us, thank you so much! For being an awesome customer, we will like to give you a FREE Medium Blizzard of your choice!! Thanks A lot and once again, we are looking forward to see you again!! Have a great day!!

That came at the right time so in I walked to collect on the goodies!  The special this month is Triple Chocoholic Blizzards.  I love it!  And was told next month will be Nutter Butter....College Girl will be home in time for that one.  It was so nice of our Dairy Queen to award me.  And I am thankful they appreciate my kind words.  More so I love their caring service.

Now all of this has me thinking of  how we accept happiness into our lives.  I feel we need to recognize the everyday joys and take our pleasure from them.  Be it the thump of the kittens playing at my feet right now.  Or the phone call from my grandson when he had his mom's cell.  I have notes up all over with quotes to remind me of the joy in my life.  Many people have this sort of thing on their facebook page or computer monitor.  Is there every anyone you wish you could remind how happy life really is?  Well you could help out by sharing 'Happiness Quotations' with them.  I am so glad to have the reminders that we can control our own happiness by accepting it into our lives.  Erica Nelson (the author for Happiness Quotations) has 5 steps to help us do just that.

Step 1:  Remember your strengths.  Get  back in touch with your gifts.  You have forgotten what is amazing about you.  Begin to remember these things.
Step 2:  Awe
Step 3:  Forgive
Step 4:  Connect to source energy or divine guidance
Step 5:  Check in with yourself and simply ask yourself to experience more happiness in every situation.  Happiness isn't always complicated.

I know that my motto is "There is always time to DANCE!".  Well that is because in dancing I am always filled with joy.  I hope to help others remember that what I actually mean, is there is always time to fill joy and let happiness fill you.  Thanks so much to Erica for sharing her book with me.  I am taking to flipping through it each morning and reading a different quote.  But I bet I will be having them sent to my email soon.  She will do that for you too if you just fill out the lil form here.

Oh and look at what I just received in my email.

Wow Lynette!!!
May I send you a few copies of my book, one to keep and another to share as "prizes" with your followers? I feel so blessed to have been promoted in this lovely manner. I posted a thank you on your blog!
So yes, we have a giveaway too.  Easy to win your own copy.  Just leave me a comment with how you draw happiness in your life.  Make sure I have your email so I can contact you if your the lucky winner!


  1. Wow! That's so exciting to see my book on your pages!!! May happiness continue to guide and serve you so that you bring joy to everyone you meet.

    My deepest appreciation!

    Erica M Nelson
    Happiness Quotations

  2. Happiness in my life... is a sunshine filled day... or a rainy cloudy day when I know the flowers will appreciate the refreshing drink.. Happiness to me can be one of the daycare kiddos just saying they are glad to be here.. or thanks for cooking them lunch.. Happiness is being surrounded by my family and friends on a Sunday evening for dinner.. whether its homemade or pizza.. Happiness.. is the little things.. Oh and Happiness is Blogging Buddies like you!!!

  3. Lynette ~

    Happiness to me, is the moon, peeking over the rooftops, across the street. The twinkle of the stars and the scents on a breeze. The laugh little man has deep within him. Seeing the hand of my Heavenly Father work in my life, guiding me through sorrows, cheering on my victories, comforting my cries, lifting me above the trials that threaten to overtake me. Everyday is a gift of happiness, if we just slow down for a moment, to take it all in.



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