Last of the Baby Shower Gifts

Good morning everyone! It sure has been a busy week here. How about with you?  We have a revolving door on the house right now it seems.  With 7 adults here and schedules all up and down.  Gosh you never know what is happening from one moment to the next.

This weekend we are going to go to Waco and have a combined visit for both of our grandbabes birthdays and the turtle baby shower.  It has all been going on this month but instead of three trips we are doing ours all in one.  I have tons of stuff to take, you know I have been telling you all about it.  But my last minute additions are "The Pregnancy Test" to help out the new momma.  I think she will be thrilled with this one.  It has 150 of those questions we do not want to ask out loud.  And most of all, the answers too!  You know the ones....can I ride a horse, is it okay to burn scented candles and why do my nipples sting.   Odd ones for sure but they cross our mind when we are thinking of our unborn.  What ones did you have or hear.  The one I have always hated hearing was that cats were dangerous to newborns.  Of course we would not have them sleeping in the crib with them.  But they are not going to suck the life out of them.

Another one for them is "First Time Dad" to help out for my step son.  John Fuller of Focus on the Family helped put this together.  You think mom's have questions, well new dads are just as nervous.  It is great though to have a book to help you when your not sure of your role.  A new baby sure takes up a lot of time and thought, but the role of Daddy is one of great power and responsibility.  You may get to teach your son to toss a football or help your daughter ride a bike.  But you will always be the one they look to for guidance, security and love.  Having a lil reminder of the role a dad plays is never a bad thing.  Also in all of those new task he also has to remember to love that wonderful woman who helped herald those kiddos into the world.  I have two of these books so I plan on giving one for the baby shower...and yes give the other away.  I will remind you at the bottom of this post.

Another thing we are working on here is helping The Gentleman get his blood sugar levels down.  A whole new shopping trip this last week helped reform the kitchen.  We looked at sugar levels and sugar alcohol levels on everything.   Too bad I can not see how much sugar is added when you eat a carb.  We know those change too.  But some good finds were had and great changes where made.  With the help in diet change and medication his sugar levels are down from 700 (yes that high!) to 200.  We even hit 129 once!  So that is a great difference.  One of the things that we found that he loves to eat is Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares.  They have 9 grams of sugar so it is not an everyday item.  But it is a whole grain so that is a major plus.  I also like that it has 90% of his required iron in one serving too.  I have to say they tasted great right out of the box as a snack too.  We had tried two small single serving size boxes at first.  So the luck was that there was a $1.00 coupon on each.  Saved when we bought the big boxes for our Gentleman.  The other benefit was College Girl likes them.  She hates to eat oatmeal, says it is a texture thing.  But she loved these.  So she is also getting her fiber, iron and taste great

Well guess I will get to work on the house work.  Oh and don't forget you can win "First Time Dad".  Just leave me a comment.  Make sure you have a way to reach you in the comment to.  Just tell me a good dad helpful hint.  I can pass them on to my step son!  

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