Fast Friday Fragments

Today I am so busy so thought I would share some quick Friday Fragments with y'all.

1.  I am so thrilled as to be on the road with Other Mother to visit the Texas Beef Council in Austin.

2.  Did you know how much fun you can have with after holiday sales.  Look at the cookies Princess Emma helped decorate.

3.  College Girl can run really fast when she sees that Princess Emma is falling.  Sad to say the horse swing fell today when the rope broke.  Thankfully our Gentleman provided us chain to put it up with so that does not happen again. 

4.  I am so in love with my Wee One and her great sense of humor.

Y'all have a great day and I will update you later.  I wanna tell you all about A Dog named Slugger, Dino Train and Buddy, our day with Texas Beef and the other fantastic bloggers we will meet and family activities.  Oh let's not forget Cinco De Mayo fun either.   Ta Ta for now!


  1. Thank you for your updates! Hope princess is ok after her fall! You and other mother have a SUPER FUN day!! Hugs and kisses!!

  2. A day at the Texas Beef Council? I have to hear this.

  3. I had such a wonderful time on our road trip to the Beef Council! Thanks so much for the wonderful company :)

  4. So did I! And I love my new bling bling....thanks so for being there to support that!


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