Weekend Wrapped Up

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. And enjoyed all of our surprises. Like the grandbabes celebrating with us. Family meals. Making 10 cakes from scratch with frosting to send to a bake sale. (They made almost $100 from my cakes, so that made me proud.) And just having a wonderful time. Here I will share.

Dear Hubby's toes are all healed.  And even found a lil Easter Egg dye for them.  Well actually toe nail polish.  But since he does not have toe nails, is this toe nail bed polish?  What a great sport to let us play with his lil tootsies.  The grandbabes all giggled at 'Poppie' getting his nails polished.  That is what 'Poppies' do!
Here is our Easter surprises.  One of our cats had kittens 3.5 weeks ago.  But never could find them.  Well she finally brought them up to us.  Only took tornadoes in the area for her to realize the house is safer than outside.
But they are cute as can be.  And now we get to get them acquainted with people and dogs.
I thought I would take a nap too.  Seeing how it was a restful time, mid afternoon.  Wind blowing a cool breeze.  The bed so inviting.  I mean gosh, this is a time to reflect and rest, right? 
It looks like someone beat me to the bed.  And they are snoozing pretty good too.  I wonder if there would be room for me there too. 
If I try real hard I could schrunch in right here maybe.  Nope, Nope, no room there either.  Hummmm!
Could be that I am going to be the lone dog out.  Sorry girl, did not mean to wake you.  Have a good nap.  Later folks!

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  1. It is a dogs life!! Oh to get to be the dog!! Had a great time egg hunting, Thanks again!


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