Once again we have a guest.  Actually I think it is more like family you know.  The Other Mother at Rants and Raves along with Princess Emma have been looking though my children's book collection.  And of course there is a pink pig wearing a purple tutu....well The Princess loves that one.  As a matter of fact she was a doll her last night in her purple fairy outfit.    Any way, they borrowed a book from me and have had it as their go to bed ritual every since.  This is what the Other Mother has to say:

Backstage at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Colle...Bedtime can be a hassle around here so we got into the routine of you have 30 minutes to get your wiggles out, go potty, brush teeth and then comfy and cozy its time for a story. The Poo loves for us to read to her.  As a reward for working so hard our friend Lynette @ Crazed Mind let us borrow a wonderful story for the Poo to hear at bedtime. Dream Big Little Pig by Olympic skater Kristi Yamaguchi is such a wonderful story. Poppy the pig has big dreams, just like my angel. In the story Poppy wants to be a famous star and tries many things. Nothing seems to work out for Poppy and the teachers keep telling her this just isn't for you. It is so sweet to hear Poo cheering her on " You can do it if you try!" Poppy dreams of being a figure skater and even though there are those who think pigs can't skate. Poppy achieves her dream just by doing something she loves. Poppy's family and best friend are very supportive of her dreams and it is very inspiring to a little girl who wants to be a football playing ballerina doctor. We have very much enjoyed borrowing this book.  It is a great story for boys and girls alike who have big dreams and parents who encourage them and help them to strive for their goals. The pictures are beautiful and the story reaches out to little ones and grown ups alike!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.  Do you think I should let the Princess keep this copy?  All who do chime in and let me know.  Help out the Poo!

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