My SisterChick

I have so been missing my closest friends since moving to this lil burg.  But I have found my own SisterChick in a odd ball family kinda way.  First off a SisterChick is (according to Robin Jones Gunn) a friend who laughs with you til you cry and cries with you til you laugh; a gift from God.  I love that term.  Well my SisterChick here is the Other Mother.  Now I know you would have guessed that one.  I have been featuring her on here quite a bit.  We are trying to help her build her blog too.  HINT HINT!!! 

Let me start off and tell you just who the Other Mother is.  She is the partner to my ex-hubby (College Girl's dad) and the mother to Princess Emma (aka The Poo and sister to College Girl).  So by default she is family.  But she is also my friend.  And that is because she has so helped me....heard me....sat with me when my mother was ill....fixed meals for us and with us....patted my back and offered to kick my butt when it needed it too.  I am thankful that not only can we be friends but that we are family by choice.  Many times once a divorce happens in a family all contact back and forth.  But in ours we have dropped all the issues (I mean we do not have to deal with each other non-stop anymore) and have kept the friendships that the relationship was built on.  It really works well and College Girl does not have to deal with any fighting at all.

Now that is crystal clear let me share another item.  SisterChicks!  Do you have one?  Is it a best friend or a relative?  Do you get to spend much time with them or travel together?  Well Robin Jones Gunn has written a series of SisterChick novels.  The latest being Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes!  It arrived here in the mail yesterday and I curled up with it last night.  I loved the idea of a trip to a far away place, this time in Amsterdam.  It was great to see through this book the hiding place of Corrie ten Boom, imagine the beauty of the tulips in bloom and feel the bond of friendship between two ladies.  It was also amazing to have a book that spoke to my time frame in life.  The nest is empty and my life feels random without the guidance of a family to raise anymore.  Midlife anxiety can drive one crazy without something to ground you.  Thank goodness we have friends to help us do just that.

Well I want to end this with a reminder too.  I love to read as you know.  And I am so lucky to have so many books sent to me for reviews.  (No pay, but great stories all the time.)  So I thought it would be great to do a book bag swap.  I was wondering if you would like to join in.  If so holler at me in the comments (with a way to contact you).  If we have a good turn out then I will arrange a swap and let you know how it will go.  But here is the basic idea.  My idea is that you take a reusable bag THAT YOU ALREADY OWN, shove several different books in it THAT YOU ALREADY OWN and then mail it to your swap partner. This is a green swap as you do not have to buy anything at all and we all have 'new' books to read. Let me know who might wanna join in.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"


  1. I love you too!!! I didn't know how well I would be accepted and am so glad that we have become so close. I love our family!! And I am in on the book swap for sure!!

  2. I would love to be involved in the book swap!!! You can reach me at....
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

    or Facebook me!!!

    Sisterchicks are the best.. but wondering what if you have a friend who is nothing more then a friend and fits the bill what would we call him..
    I am also fortunate to have my 2 sisters, and sister in laws who I consider to be my best friends..

  3. OMG !! I love you all big time !!If I haven't said it lately or enough I think it is all kinds of awesome how all of you have come together as one big family.. 'Family'> which to me equals uncondtional love, no judgements, last but not least open minds and open hearts... I say to you Lynette and Jen ...I love you all w/all my heart & always will... Ol'HM... p.s. I want to participate in the book swap as well... thx

  4. him.....Heck I guess a BrotherRooster

  5. Great idea! If you are stilling doing it this summer maybe I can!

  6. I might be interested in a book swap but I only read Christian books so my swap buddy would have to be someone who reads Christian stuff. But I would be interested:) If that could be worked out. Let me know.


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