Stinky Feet

 Princess Emma is the star around here....all the time.  I mean gosh, she has a real crown and everything.  But there is a price to pay for all that wonderful sparkling royalty.  And for her it is those stinky feet. 

I know I should not tell y'all about them.  I mean some of you may be able to smell them from here.  But even a Princess has to live with the day to day problems that so many of have to live with.  And body odor happens to lurk around her toes with a vengeance. 

Well we decided to give a funky lil silver thing-a-migigy a try.  It was making us wonder of our sanity...but hey we are Crazed here  any way.  De Odor Works is the lil thing we were looking at.  It is made from medical grade stainless steel and is amazingly light weight.  Princess Emma had some doubts as what to do with it.  But we reassured her all she would have to do is stick her feet into some warm water.  That she was okay with.  I do wanna give kuddos to College Girl.  As she did the pre sniff test of the feet of Princess Emma.  OH MY GOODNESS!  They were bad.  Just ask her.  Well we took this lil De Odor Works and went to work with it.

 We just rinsed her right foot with warm water.  No soap or  anything.  30 seconds of good clean water. 

The left foot was rinsed with warm water for 30 seconds also.  But we also rubbed the foot well with the stainless steel De Odor Works stylist.  This was a fun lil test to do for the review.  Princess Emma has ticklish feet!

 Then came the brave sniff test by College Girl. 

Sniffing the right foot.

And then sniffing the left foot.

I have to say, much to all of our surprise it worked.  Yeah, it took the odor from her left foot.  Now College Girl has taken off with it and stuck it in her bathroom shower. 

Well let me now tell you why it works.  What happens is that there is a chemical reaction of the running tap water and the stainless steel that will then neutralize odor.  I know, we did not believe it til it was tested either.  But it eliminates the volatile sulfur compounds that creates body odor.  You can use it any where on your body.  Feet, under arms, in those private places....any where.  And no adverse effects either.  Pretty cool!

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