30 Minutes with Follow Friday

Today for me 30 minutes for me.....I hung out with some amazing ladies.  We chatted.  Laughed.  Told some tall tales.  And even had a bite of lunch.  It was wonderful to smile so much.  To have these women to pat me on the back once in a while.  It was better that we were everywhere yet all in the same place.  Today my 30 minutes was spent on Twitter.....tweeting away.

What did I say?  Well here are a few things....

Lynette355 as Lenore
@ The birds are singing...sun is bright & cheerful....soft wind in the air. And your face is smiling here on Twitter.
@ @ Lunch finally. Rice sauteed in butter, basil pesto & sour cream topped with grilled chicken. Diet Coke too!
@ I have to do the same so we can get College Girls FASFA done too. Oh the head ache.
@ Oh that is great to hear...I would hate you not being you or having to talk to a new you that doesn't really know you at all.
@ As long as it does not smell like you have been eating zombies...my DH was belching them last week. ICK
@ Wow, another Lenore. We are rare you know!
 And I said a few things too....

I have a crazed dog. Stands @ the edge of tile floor & whines. Fearful of stepping on the tile. But she is coming off another tiled floor.
How do you kill stickers? Darn grass burrs are resistant to everything. Looking at a match & gasoline next!

Almost noon....have not had a thing to eat today...or drink come to think of it. Wonder why?

Wanna have some fun too?  If so join us older ladies over at Follow Friday 40 & Over with Never Growing Old as the hostess!  And meet la bella vita the blogger guest extraordinaire. 


  1. And thank you for keeping me sane while I waited for the IRS to answer the phone!

  2. Loving your blog. Now following from Follow Friday and my blog High Heels and Hot Flashes.

  3. I really like your blog. I stumbled upon it from La Bella Vita's link up. I'm now following you. Hope you'll stop bye and visit :)


  4. Hi Lynette- The Tennessee Walking Sticks are sooo easy. They are long pretzel rods dipped in either chocolate (your favorite type)
    and/or caramel and rolls in nuts! During the holidays I do white chocolate and rolled with sprinkles!

  5. That sounds like fun! I need to participate some time. And my husband is all for tearing out the grass and having a rock yard like the ones most people have in New Mexico. No weeds then!


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