Mom & My Memories

It has been a busy week here. How about for you?  My mom is now in room 5718.  She has about 5 days of rehab to do in the hospital.  Then off to home and getting back to learning how to heal there.  She is also now over a week without smoking.  I pray she will not fall back on that habit.  It is a direct cause for all her heart issues.   If you wish to tell Mom (Marge Keough) that you are wishing her well then send her an email at the hospital. SHE LOVES THE EMAILS SHE HAS ALREADY RECEIVED. THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THAT. KEEP IT UP FOLKS IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

In the meantime have I mentioned this is the town I went to college in?  Well it is.  I went to a small business school here.  Lived in a old hotel that was redone into efficiency apartments.  As a matter of fact my grandfather helped build the hotel.  And I also worked 3 different jobs at the newspaper too.  This was my first place away from the home I grew up in and half way across the state too.  And in Texas half way across the state is quite a ways away.  I lived on the 15th floor and felt like the world was mine.  Can you tell I loved it?

My BFF then was a gentleman who was also in the building.  He was a paraplegic and was on the 2nd floor.  This was his first time to live away from home.  And his mother was frantic as to his well being.  But we bonded.  I would come in at night and he would be in the lobby waiting for me.  Our meals were often beans cooked in the crockpot but that was fine with us.  We had things to do.  He taught me how to drive his car with the hand controls.  And I taught him that a wheelchair was not a reason to dance.  And dance we did.  Once a month at a local hotel the INKSPOTS would perform.  Honestly!  I was amazed as this was a group that was from my mom's age not mine.  But I loved their music.  So we would walk/wheel our way to the hotel each month.  Became well known as the young ones of the group.  And dance, dance, dance,  I would dance with my friend and his wheelchair.  I would dance with the older men there.  I would dance with the older women there.  I would dance by myself.  I just had to stay up and moving to that lovely music. 

Eventually my time here in Abilene came to an end and I moved back to the big city of Dallas.  But I have to say, I think I lived the big city life right here.  You know....I had already 'moved on up to the big time, living in the high rise apartment in the sky!' 


  1. What wonderful memories!~~ Life so full of adventures.. Love it!!

  2. Oh wow, my best to her. Hope things just get better and better and better



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