Getting Moving Again

Well it has been a busy few weeks here at home with all the illness and sickness and yuck going on. But we are finally back on track. Thanks GOD! I am so glad.

Today Dear Hubby is finally back at work after a 6 week break. He had to go back in his lil 'storm trooper' boot but at least can walk finally. His toes are all healed up and looking good. And the Dr. says that the bone is looking good on the x-rays. So it looks like we are finally done with all of the foot surgeries for some time! YIPEESSS!

Granny M has been to church this week and is back to her daily trips to the coffee shop visiting friends there. Also she is still smoke free. So happy about that. We will go this week and do the assessment for her cardiac rehab too.  It looks like she will be able to get her body back in better shape than she started out.  But it will be a good 6 months til we are in a good all clear signal.  And we are unsure as if the oxygen will be a daily part of her life or not?

College Girl is doing full swing with school again and has landed 2 small parts in the play 'The Glass Slipper'.  It is good that her car is also up and going again thanks so much to our neighbor who did all the work for her.  FOR FREE and (can you believe this) also filled her gas tank up too!  What a amazing thing to do to help us all out.  Thank God and bless this man too.

And last but not least, I am out of the house and working out again at Curves.  I am beginning to feel like ME again.  Hate winters and one filled with hospital stays is never any fun.  I am glad I have been able to help out all of my family so but also thrilled that life is beginning to get back on track too.

I also have some things happening that I wanted to give you info on.  As I love my books, movies and family fun times too.  The first is that we helped place a darling lil chihuahua with a 16 yr old girl this weekend.  She was looking for her own doggie and I had a niece who was looking for a new home for her doggie.  Easy peasy and a match made in heaven.  It was nice to tell Princess Emma how this all worked out.  We also shared the book 'Our Rescue Dog Family Album' to explain that pets have ways of making new families.  Many of us have had times where we had to release a loved pet to a new family.  Not always easy but feels good to know that a loving home is awaiting the pet too.  Showing Princess Emma the many photos and the way that each pet fit in was the best way to help her understand.  (The 16 yr old is her cousin and she met the new doggie this weekend too.)  Our Rescue Dog Family Album (Polaire Entertainment Group, Inc.) by Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., is a collection of endearing stories that covers the lives of forty rescued dogs, lucky enough to become members of her seemingly ever-expanding family, and the obstacles they overcame in their recovery. You can share more at Dr. Pomerance's blog too.

We also had fun this weekend with Princess Emma dancing. We be-bopped all around to the newest Kidz Bop 19.  Princess Emma loves to dance just as much as I do.  And it is great fun and exercise.  I am unsure as to her favorite song but I just loved Please Don't Go. You can hear a sample of all of the songs too.  They have music, web shows, contest, games and so much more to do with the kids.  We just love the energy it gives us to dance all around the room.  The best yet is the Kidz  Bop radio...all free!  I know that Tammy and Maureen will have it on with all the kiddos they watch.  Rocking all around the play room.  Who is going to join them?

I know that it is so much fun to be up and moving around again.  I do wish to thank those that have sent me the books and cds for reviews.  It is great how things work out the way they should.  Life is back on track here.  And I hope that it is going well for you too.


  1. What a great happy post to read on Monday! So full of good news. yay!

  2. Cutest egg slicer ever! OMG You are so sweet!!



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