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Well Dear Hubby is home from the hospital.  This started with a simple bunion job.  He had his left foot done this summer.  It went pretty well.  So now we were finishing up with his right foot.  But of course we added in a twist.  We also had his toe nails removed.  Now I know this sounds extreme but it is not honestly.  You see Dear Hubby has that horrid toe nail fungus.  It makes them yellow and hard and U G L Y !  And they were just getting worse as time was going by.  Now we could not treat it with medication due to the meds effect your liver.  DH has fought Hep C already so we are not into any meds that effect his liver.  Instead it was agreed that having them surgically removed since we were already doing foot surgery.  The Dr. said it was quick and easy to pop them off and burn the roots.  So that was done today too.  I know it sounds horrid but honestly it is not.  Just going to make sure that Dear Hubby is well rested before he is up and running again.  That is a required 4 to 6 week couch vacation for him.  I am sure by then he could have a horrible thumb ache from running the remote control for so long.  Thanks to all for your well wishes.  We will keep you up on how DH is healing.

Here are the bandaged up feet.  The pretty blue has just had the toe nails removed.  The white one had the toe nails and the bunion done.  I could just picture the Dr. at the end of the table with a pair of pliers saying....."We have ways of making you talk!"

He is Dear Hubby ensconced on the couch.  His home for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  See the 'box' at the end.  This is our makeshift toe protector.  Now the covers will not weigh down on his sore tootsies.  Nor can the animals help lay on top of them.  Sad to say he will get very bored here quite quickly!

And yes this is his toe nails.  See the face sticking it's tongue out at the Dr.?  The ugly yellow was the betadine that they were washed in.  His feet will heal up and soon look just fine.  Honestly!  I am mean but not hurting my Dear Hubby, well not hurting him too much.

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  1. Tell your dear hubby to get better soon so that you can have 4 to 6 weeks of relaxation with your feet up. Then you can be pampered!

    It was all good up until the pic of the toe nails. I just finished supper. EWwww!


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