My Dad was a Pot O'Gold

I miss my dad.  My birth dad.  Here at the Christmas season it weighs heavy on my heart.  He was only in my life for a few years but he shared so much of himself with my family.  Every year he would come to my home for the holidays.  It was so special to have him here.  Having not been raised with my birth father, we had to make our own bonds.  After the holidays my mom would always go and spend a couple of weeks with him.  She loved this time away.  Being with her friend once again. 

This is how we found he was dying of cancer.  Our last Christmas he was unable to come see us.  Said he just had a bad cold that would not go away.  He did not want to infect us.  We missed him but understood.  After the holiday Granny M went to spend her two weeks with dad.  He did not have a cold.  He was horrid, lost so much weight, visiting doctors and finding out that he had lung cancer and there was not much to do.  I miss my dad!

I wanted to tell you because he shared so much of himself with me.  He found out that I love chocolate.  So he made sure always bring me some special with each visit.  The chocolate of his choice for me was Hershey®’s Pot of Gold gift boxes.  There was so many different flavors.  He would make sure I was able to have several different kinds.  I loved those special lil chocolate from my dad. 

This year I am going to continue to share the Hershey®’s Pot of Gold gift boxes with Dear Hubby and College Girl.  I know that they will recognize the packages.  And that they too will see that my dad is still here with us in the lil ways.  I am lucky too!  I am going to have some special Hershey’s Pot of Gold Chocolates sent to me too.  How?  As a prize pack since I a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.  That's nice!


  1. Sigh. This time of year brings all this up doesn't it?

  2. So sorry you are sad, thanks for sharing this precious memory of your dad. I lost my dad in Dec 2007 and this time of year always makes me think of him too. I inherited his deep affection for chocolate. At Christmastime we always got chocolate cordial covered cherries and He would always give us a valentine heart with all the different flavors of last gift to him was a bucket full of chocolate cherry cordial flavored hershey kisses...he only ate one but his smile was a precious memory I'll cherish always. Hang on to the memories, they are worth more than a gazillion pots of gold

  3. This time of year does bring out our memories of our loved ones! I miss my dad too!


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