Good Enough

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We have my niece and her family at our home still.  And part of that group is the 3.5 month lil girl.  She is a cute and pretty quiet baby.  Her mom started out breast feeding but soon went to formula.  Now like a lot of mom's she was worried about what formula to use.  The doctor would say use this one and then not that one and back n' forth.  Some of them upset the lil ladies tummy and others did not.  But finally with the economy being as it is my niece listened to me and her grandmother. 

We were telling her to use the store brand formula.  It is nutritionally the same as the name brands.  And a lot better on cost.  With the recalls on similac and the hub bub of what is better, it is time some people remember everything does not have to be new and improved in life.  There are times that the good enough is just that...good enough.  The store brands do not have the high cost of advertising to inflate the price.  They are normally made it the same places and just different labels put on them.  So it is silly to be worried over the brand of an item.  For example, why would a 2 year old worry if her shirt says Old Navy.  She just wants to play.  Gosh, I remember play clothes.  You do too?  They ones we could run out side in and get all dirty and grass stains.  Not worry about a bit of mud or a tear....just let loose and be kids.  My niece wants her children always in name brand and looking perfect.  Poor dears can not ever be just kids. 

Ok, I know I am getting on my high horse.  Sorry about that.  I just know that it is not so bad to be happy with what you have.  Enjoy life with the simple life, thanking God for the fresh air and butterflies.  I know it is worth it to chase them around and be amazed at their brilliance.

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  1. I agree... Good Enough is Good Enough.. people don't get it!!
    Everything from having to have the most expensive vehicles to Huge houses.. Some people have those great big houses and they don't even "live" in most of it.. I love watching shows like House Hunters and people are always worried about having a Huge Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and a closet big enough for all of their shoes...

    Not me.. give me a Huge Living Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room so that my friends and family have a place to roost when they come over.. Who else goes in your bedroom.. no one.. and for goodness sake if you have that many shoes its time to donate them to goodwill..
    Anyways.. I agree... Good Enough!!


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